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Today, the Big Bang community celebrates our favorite era in our boys' illustrious career.
This is a really hard choice to make, as they have had so many wonderful concepts, sounds, and moments throughout their time together but if I had to choose just one it would have to be....,
The current 'MADE' era.
For me, this is my favorite era of Big Bang because it was the era that I was first introduced to them so it holds a very special place in my heart.
I had always heard Kpop, thanks to my friend @Skullbunneh. She would always have it playing at her house whenever I hung out with her and I enjoyed it but never really listened it to. That is until this summer when she forced me to put everything down and watch this new music video by one of her favorite groups called Big Bang.
She had a feeling that I would love it since I am a hopeless romantic and love a good ballad. The song was 'Let's Not Fall In Love'.
From the moment the song started, I sat up a little straighter in my seat. The song was absolutely beautiful and my eye was immediately caught by TOP. I remember the first time I saw the video, as soon as his part finished and he looked into the camera I thought, 'His face pleases me'. There was no going back at that point.
The rest of video evoked so many emotions in me. As I said, I'm a hopeless romantic so things like jumping on a trampoline with your crush, goofing around in a grocery store, dancing in the rain are all now on my wish lists of things I want to do (don't get me started on the movie theater in the abandoned classroom *swoon*).
After that, I spent hours on Youtube watching everything Big Bang I could find. Music videos, variety shows, live performances. I was hooked.
Not only did the 'MADE' era introduce me to Big Bang but, despite loving all of their songs, I find that I relate to the songs in this era. Maybe it is because I am around their age so my life experiences would relate to where they are in life more than their younger songs but I feel a closer connection to the songs more than any others.
From feelings of heartbreak, uncertainty when it comes to allowing myself to fall for someone, insecurity and self confidence issues, longing, to just having a good time with friends. All of those themes are things I have experienced or am currently experiencing and these songs make me feel like I'm not alone and make me smile even when some days it is just a struggle to get out of bed.
In October, my friend and I were lucky enough to go and see Big Bang when they came to New Jersey. Despite getting trapped in four hours of traffic, it was worth every second as it was one of the best concerts I have ever been too.
Not only did they put on an amazing performance, I have never seen a group go so far out of their way to make their fans know how much they appreciate and love them. It didn't matter if you were in the front row or the last row of the nosebleed sections, they made you feel like they were singing just to you.
It made me fall in love with them even more because not only are they amazing artists and performers but they are beautiful, down to earth people who probably care for us more than we could ever possibly care for them.
Thanks to Big Bang, my music horizon has expanded so much. I've even taken up learning Korean, not just so I can understand what I'm singing, but because I have found such a fascination in the language and the culture, not to mention I have developed an obsession with K-dramas!
I've also had the pleasure of meeting some of the friendliest people from all around the world thanks to them. I couldn't be more grateful for these perfect individuals entering my life when they did.
It sounds like you had such an amazing time...this is a great card!!!
@SatinSkies I know... that feeling.....♡♡♡♡
ahh, we were almost the same day :P I was there the first day (Saturday)....It was a great show, and I'm glad to hear you had a great time with the kings at your show too ~(^.^)~
This is beautiful! ❤❤❤😍
I really loved your card. I can say that I can relate to everything you just said 😀
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