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What does a single person do on Valentine's Day or any holiday? Do whatever you want.
One day, while eating dinner at a restaurant, a lady came up to me and said, "You are so brave. I could never do what you're doing." I looked around. Her party had left and she lingered just to tell me that. What is so brave about dining alone? I did the only thing I could do, SMILE. Being single isn't an affliction.
To celebrate Valentine's Day or life, I'm starting tonight with movies and TV shows. So many choices.
I'll be trying some of the DIY ideas on Vingle, like marinating meat in tea to tenderize. Thanks to @nannysally, tea bags won't be wasted anymore. There were loads of ideas. If the thought of meat isn't for you, I'm also making green split pea soup. Would I rather be on a date tonight? Not at all. It's winter and cold outside. I can hear the wind.
tea bag image credited to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tea_bag
Plus (at least for me) I seem to appreciate the meal more!! haha I'm like fully emerged in the food experience.
I must say before I even tried dining alone I thought it was scary, but I've been on a couple "me dates" and eating by myself is not only fun, it's freeing!
It is freeing @nicolejb :)