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****Also mature content ahead****

Next morning, Your alarm goes off as you sit up to see that it was 6:30am.
You groan tiringly as you get up and just grab your school clothes and your phone. You turn on your phone and you see that you had received a text from someone. It reads,
"Hey, I'm walking with Yongguk to school, Do you want to tag along?"
You respond with, "Sure, Of course." You felt happy but had guilt sit in your stomache. You felt horrible and You didn't know why. You threw on a simple Black V(BTS!!!) Neck, Black and White Vans and black jeans. You grabbed your backpack and walked out of the door to see Keilani and Yongguk standing near your house. You smile as you walk towards them, You see them both smiling at you as they hold hands, Keilani hugs you first and Yongguk justs gives you a side hug, Which made you felt depressed.
As you guys are walking, You looked at your right and you see Yongguk's arm was wrapped around Keilani's waist. You just looked away as your arms cross into each other. You felt a hand push you lightly and a voice say,
"Hey, What's wrong?"
You look over to your right to see Yongguk smiling at you as Keilani repeats,
"Are you okay?"
You lips only move a bit as you say, " Yeah, I'm fine." As you look at the ground.
"Are you sure? Doesn't seem like it." You hear Yongguk say as his voice deepens..
You turn towards him as you smile, "Yeah I am. Trust me." You told him shyly as your hands grasp onto your shirt in nervousness. You start to blush as you hear whispering and mumbling coming from the love birds. You felt heat rising in your gut and jealousy filled up your heart. Anxiety had been in your mind. You regretted the day you met or even heard of Yongguk, But you were glad that you had met him.
All 3 of you finally arrive to school, You keep walking with your eyes looking directly straight down at the floor as Yongguk keeps complimenting Keilani as he kisses her cheek, Pokes the tip of her nose, Rubs her back and giving her back hugs. You look up at your left and you see a boy smiling at you with blushing red cheeks as he poses. You smile as you wave at him with a gentle expression. He waves back in suprise as he blushes really hard. You smile as you walk away with interest.
In the corner of your eye, You see Yongguk having a jealous look on his face as his arm is wrapped around Keilani. You see her laughing and smiling which you assumed is from Yongguk's stupid little flirty jokes.
You walk over to your locker as you hear Keilani yell,
"Hey! Wait for me!!!!"
You turn around as you see her running towards you. She stops and bends down as she breathes heavily. Your hand touches her back, " Are you okay?" You ask her with worry.
She stands up straight as she tells you, "Yeah, Just tired." You smirk as you walk beside her as you head over to your locker. You open your locker as you see a note taped on the locker door. You pick it up and read it,
"Hey, Meet me in the library hall way after school at 3:30pm."
Keilani squels as she jumps up and down excitingly, "OMG!!!! YOU HAVE A SECRET ADMIRER!!!!!!"
You smile as she shakes you back and forth by moving your shoulders. You look over her shoulder to see the same boy that was looking at you, He was staring at you again with sexy eyes. He waves at you again with a smile as you wave back. You blush as you giggle shyly into your hand.
Keilani turns around at yells at the guy, "HIIIII!!!!!" He awkwardly smiles as he waves at her. She looked excited as she looks at him, You turn to see Yongguk staring at him as if he were going to murder him. You tap her shoulder in anxiety.
"Umm..Hey, Why don't we go to your locker?" You ask her.
"Yeah sure, Follow me." She hints, Which made you curious.
You follow her all the way across campus to her locker and as she opens it, There was a cute and fluffy teddy bear sitting on the shelf while holding a card which reads,
"Roses are red, Violets are blue, No matter what happens in our life, I'll always stand besides you. For whatever is better or for worst, My love for you makes my heart burst.
All of our memories that we created, The ones we share, I hope our love will never be faded, Will you be accepting and take this lovely bear?"
You stand there in awe as she sees who it was from. She looks at you with surprise as you see Yongguk approaching behind her, He covers her eyes with his palms as he seduces her by telling her,
"Happy Valentines Day Baby... Wanna come over tonight?"
She giggles as she removes his hands and looks at him with dazzling eyes, Which made you feel uncomfortable considering that you were the 3rd wheel. You look at them as they hug each other. You just back away slowly as you see Yongguk eyeing at you, He smiles, Trying not to say anything out loud cause of Keilani, He mouths his words,
"Where are you going?"
You mouth words back as you point behind you, " Leaving."
He smiles as he mouths, "Okay"
You turn around and walk away but you felt like there were eyes in the back of your head. You checked your watch and you see that class was about to start. You decided to just walk over to your class in C-8.
As you head over there, You see a boy holding a boquet of roses as he bends down on one knee. He looks at you with sparkling eyes, You realize that the boy was the same boy that was previously staring and waving at you.
He grabs your hand as he says, "Umm Hi, I know that you may not know me, But my name is Jung Daehyun and I happened to take interest in you and I would like to get to know you better, Will you go on a date with me tonight?"
You smile hardly as you blush, You felt your face burning as you say,
"I'd love too go on a date with you, Daehyun."
He stood up and hugs you tightly, You nuzzle into his chest as you smile and try not to scream or squel out loud. He pulls you back as he hands you the boquet. You look down at the flowers as his hand touches yours, You felt so happy as he walks away. You couldn't help but smile. You walk into class as Yongguk walks behind you. You go and ask the teacher,
"Where should I put these?"
The teacher turns around with confusing eyes as he says, "Who got you those flowers?"
You told him who it was from, He smiles as he points to the window, You set down the beautiful roses gently as Yongguk asks you,
" Who got you those?" You turn around to him as you smile,
" I got them from a guy named Jung Daehyun. Do you know him? You said happily.
He looks at you with no expression, "Yeah I do, Be careful though, He's a player."
You look at him with confusion, "He is? But he seems so sweet."
"That's what he wants you to think, (Y/N), I'm just looking out for you, We may have not known each other for that long, But I care for your safety and I don't want your feelings hurt." He told you as his hand touches your left shoulder. You felt yourself starting to blush as you walk over to your seat. Yongguk looks at you as you sit in the very back.
He sits next to you as he asks you, "Why are you sitting in the back?"
"I like the back, Plus I have social anxiety, So I don't really like to socialize."
He wraps his arm around your shoulder as he tells you,
"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that."
You just sit there during the rest of class, You felt your phone vibrating in your pocket, You want to answer it but you know you'll get caught. You out your backpack on your lap as your phone is hiding behind it. You keep looking up and down, Paranoid that you'll get caught by the teacher.
You look down and you see that Keilani had texted you, You get annoyed as you shove your phone back in your pocket.
Yongguk looks at you and asks you angrily, "Was that Daehyun?"
You nod as you look away from him. You can tell he was biting down on his teeth hard. You try not to look at him but you can't resist. He looks at you and all of the sudden, He seemed relaxed, His shoulders fall against the chair, His back goes back, His head tilts towards you.
You hear the bell ring and you immediately get up and get out of the classroom as fast as you can. You felt something warm touch your shoulder, You turn around to see Yongguk again, At this point, You just wanted to go home,
"Yah! Where do you think your going?" He asks you.
You ignored him and walk away from the scene. You hear following behind you but you just don't bother. You walk over to your locker and you see Daehyun standing there smiling as his arms stretch out,
"Hey (Y/N), How was class?" He asks you as he hugs you tightly.
"It was alright. How about yours oppa?" You ask him back as he walk besides you closely but not close enough for him to touch.
"It was fine. Hey, Can I ask you a question?"
You felt your heart dropped, Everyone gets scared when that question is mentioned.
You just say, "Mhhm." You look at him as you hands shake nervously.
You heard him clear his throat before saying, "Do you want to eat lunch with me? It's cool if you don't want too!!! Your choice."
You smile as you wrap your arm around his, "I'd love too, That's seems nice."
You see him smiling as he mouth his words, YES!, You giggle as you look away.
You guys head over to the cafeteria, You look at him as he says,
"I'll get our lunches, Just find a table for us to sit, Okay?" You smile as you put a thumbs up.
You go and walk around to find which table seems the best to sit. You see Keilani and Yongguk walking in while holding hands as he keeps kissing her cheeks. You just give them the dirty eye and walk away to sit at the edge of the table.
You sit there for about 5 minutes until you see Daehyun bringing a tray of varieties of foods. There was a chicken sandwhich, a salad, a slice of pepperoni pizza and a cookie.
You smile as he sets down the tray in front of you, You look at him as he sits down next to you closely, Close enough to the point where your legs touched. You blush in reactment as you ask him,
"You didn't get yourself anything? Aren't you hungry?"
"No, I'm not and I got it for you, I want you to be healthy, So eat." He insists.
"Are you sure? Your skinny! You need to eat! I want you to be healthy!!" You tell him excitingly.
He smiles as he grabs the cookie, You grab the cookie away from him as you both smile at each other. He exhales deepily as he screams cutely,
"Hey!!! Why did you steal that away from me?"
You smile as you look at him, "Because... I want the cookie!"
You both laugh at each other as he grabs your hand.
"Here, Let me see it." He grabs the cookie and puts it in your mouth, You giggle as he motions his finger to the other side of the cookie. You bite down the other side of the cookie as you both hold hands, You both bite as his mouth comes closer to yours.
The tips of your noses touched. You start to blush as you push him away, He eats the rest of the cookie as he eyes directly at you, You look into his eyes deeply as you hear a voice yell out loudly,
"Yah!!! What in the hell do you think your doing?!?!"
You turn around as your eyes widen in fear, You see Yongguk walking towards you too as you see Keilani standing behind him with her head down as her arms are crossed.
"Oppa?! What are you doing??" You ask him as you get up immediately,
You hear something being whispered among the 2 until...
Yongguk slaps Daehyun rudely. Daehyun gets up and they start to beat each other! Yongguk just puches him as he jumps onto the table but Daehyun grabs his face and slams it into the tray of pizza. You just gasp loudly as you run over to them.
You try to break them up as you yell at them, "YAH! STOP!"
But they both just push you down to the ground hard. You felt a thud on your head as your back slams against the cold floor, You hear Keilani screaming as she runs towards you, But you felt yourself getting dizzy and tipsy as if you were drunk.
As your eyes shut slowly, The last words you hear before your world gets dark was,
"I'm sorry! Please forgive me!" and "Shut up! Your using her!"
Oppa......Why you do dis?
Also Happy Valentine's Day!!!!! If you don't have a boyfriend like me because your lonely, or just because of your bias list, Well don't have no fear, Fan Fics are here!!!
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