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The many Voices of Ayane Sakura and Nao Toyama in Kancolle 😍
Ayane Sakura Voices 8 different Characters in Kancolle!!! I believe she's an extremely gifted Seiyuu! She voices Jintsuu, Naka, and Sendai. She Plays Nagato and Mutsu ( I ship them as a Yuri), Shimakaze, Kuma, and Tama! There was a ninth Character, but she was featured in the game and I totally forgot her name lol
In the Anime Kantai Collection (Kancolle) Nao Toyama voices the wacky Kongou Sisters Kongou, Hiei, Haruna, and Kirishima and two minor characters Atago and Takao! The Kongo Sisters are my favorite of Nao-chan's Voices because their personalities are so funny. She always makes me laugh! Sugoi Nao-chan @Aimebolanos what do you think? These Ladies are absolutely Incredible
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Dude this is freaken awesome!!!!! The voice actress is amazing
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Which one? Ayane or Nao? or both? @AimeBolanos πŸ˜…
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@BlackoutZJ Lol I meant to say both!
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