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check out how adorable, sweet, and goofy Teen Top's Leader is!
look how well he puts up with his kids shit haha but also he is really just a kid himself...I feel like niel (his crush) and chunji (his wife) are the only ones that can really scold him lol
but he is like the sweetest kid! this was so sad when Minsoo was talking about his mom being ill.
complete mama's boy. pic 1&2. ok fist sorry I didn't put captions on these gifs I was being hella lazy and secondly let me explain what the f is happening. so they just listened to this really sad song about mothers on immortal song (I cried) and cap is caught tearing up and the hosts ask him about it. Cap doesn't know what to say and Niel jumps in so quick to protect him saying please don't ask them questions as like a joke which changed the subject. bless Niel.
Cap is also like a really good dancer he is just overlooked cause he is shy and sleeping all the time hahaha
he is also just a complete goofball that loves to embarrass his band mates lol pic 6. ljoe just can't hahaha
pic 1&2 cap was aked if he were at the movies with a girl friend and she started crying would you tease her or hand her tissues. Minsoo is such a sweetheart! pic 3&4 and modest...? haha pic 5&6 the struggles of being handsome and getting hit on by models and not being about to speak english. handsome + no English = no game lol I'm ok with that though. #stayawayfromourboys #he'sNiels #ifcapisreallyhappythoughillsuppurthislove #justwantyoutobehappy
ok but even though Cap is often picked on by the kids he is their leader in the end and they really do look up to him to keep them together.
Thanks leader CAP for keeping our babies together for 5 years!! ♡♡♡♡♡ xoxo angels
@BTSARMYGIRL I saw some of your cards and thought you might like this ;)
thats it someone point me to the nearest church, im going to marry him.
I love CAP ❤️ and hopefully I'll be able to go see him and the rest of Teen Top
I love cap. He is so handsome and cute. 😍😝😄