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Hope you like my preView part.
**NOTE THIS IS THE CLOTHING IN THIS TIME** Jackson was in the village getting something for his mother as he walked with his little sister. "Gēgē can I have rice balls?" She asked looking at him. He smiled and petting her head he brought he what she wanted. While looking around for food for his mother. He bumped into a young woman. "Oh I'm sorry I didn't mean to do that." He said helping her up. "It's okay I'm always so clumsy." She said. when the girl looked up at Jackson he saw her face. Her hair hang down her back, her eyes was beautiful hazel. She had on a nice but flowery robe. He looked at her and thought she was a goddess. "W-What is your name?" He asked her. She blinked and laughed. "My name is Mia Zhang." She said. He was falling for her the minute he met her. "Gēgē let's go mother wants back before noon." His letting sister yelled. "I'm coming." He yelled back. "Can you meet me by the pond tomorrow? He asked. She smiled with her fan. She nodded her head. She smiled and took his sister hand and ran home. "YES!" He screamed.
**Just picture Jackson in a Chinese robe okay** Jackson walked to the pond and waited there for her. He looked all around for her, he became scared of the fact that she might not come. While he was pacing back and forth. "Hello sir." She said to him. She bowed to him, she showed him respect. "I'm sorry I'm late but I had to make sure that my little brothers was okay." She said. He looked at here and saw her pretty smile. She had pins of gold in her hair. She stood there with her pink silk robe on. He couldn't stop his heart from beating so fast. "It's okay.. I just got here anyway." Jackson lied. "My name is Jackson. What is yours?" He asked her "My name is Wu Ruyi." She said as she bowed They walked around the pond and talked until it's was dark. He couldn't believe he learn so much from here. Her father was a general of the Emperor. He works close to him, she is the second oldest of 16 children. Her family runs the east military and her oldest brother will get married soon. He looked at her all night as she talked. He could keep his eyes away. "Would you marry me?" He asked her. She laugh and smiled. "We have just met and you already want to marry me?" She asked with a smile. "Yes I do. It's not because of your beauty but of your heart. I don't want to lose that I want that forever. plus I don't want anybody else taking it away from me." He said. She looked at him, he leaned in and kiss her on the lips. "Yes I'll marry you but you have to ask my father first." She said. He jumped up and grabbed her at her waists and picked her up and swing her around. He walked her home and he looked at her one last time. "I'll make you mines for ever Ruyi." He said walking away.
Who is Ruyi? Does he want to marry her? Will they get married?
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