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So I had you peeps pick a musical instrument that would choose a song that will describe your relationship with your Valentine. Let's see what songs they are.

Choice #1 Guitar is.........We Like 2 Party

Your relationship is a fun and loving one. Not only are you lovers but best friends as well.

Choice #2 Drums is........Sober

Your relationship is very hectic, sometimes you love each other so much its insane and sometimes you can't deal with him, but you both know that one can exist without the other.

Choice #3 Piano is.........Monster

Your relationship started off shaky but stablized as soon as you saw the real him and you both fell in love with each other. Now nothing can break you two apart!! Your relationship is stronger than anything.

Are You Happy With Your Results?? Day 4 Will Be Up Soon!!

*If you want to be tagged in the rest of the result cards make sure to comment because those are the only people I tag in these result cards.*
monster is one of my favs and I'm glad we have an unbreakable bond. Gdragon completes my heart
Awwww I love my result with Youngbae with the monster video as my result it reminds me of beauty and the beast type of story. πŸ˜πŸŒΉπŸ’πŸ˜˜
I love Monster ❀❀❀ Me and Dae going through think and thin as one! ❀
Sober is a great song!
I love that song! I am loving this game πŸ˜„
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