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Day 10? already? sheesh... first off, let me just say this: it's still freaking cold! To the point I have the hood of my BTS hoodie up.
Choi Minho's day! I don't have much energy, so it's just gna be pic spam. The day, once again, got away with me, but I did get the costume I was working on done! Yay! now to keep the house clean until I leave for Chicago for EXO'luTion on Friday...
Anyway, rapper Choi Minho! There is a reason he was labeled 'charismatic'.
I hope this was for SM's Halloween party...
I'm tired...night night everybody
tagging the usuals! If you want to be added or removed, let me know!
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😊 lol Minho was in a drama Called Medical Top Team a couple years ago that could explain the blood & scrubs…
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Adorable, dorky, and charismatic in one!
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