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^ My reactions. So yesterday I woke up to a bunch of notifications like usual but I had a notification from Instagram saying that someone had followed me. I open it and see this..... v
Wait wut? o.o
(My awkward screenshots :3) Astro is a new group that is debuting on Feb. 23rd. I've been following them since the ending of their drama, so yeah, I'm hella excited! :D The post caught me so off guard that I fangirled like crazy! However, I've yet to conclude if it's actually Rocky or just a fan page. (Feel it's a fan page though). Made my day anyways! ❤❤
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but he's only following 2 ppl -- 2 astro ppl
2 years ago·Reply
I mean he's only following 2 other astro fansites
2 years ago·Reply
@shelbyhusband Yeah, I noticed when I was checking my insta this evening. It must be a fansite :/ Oh well, the moment was sweet while it lasted
2 years ago·Reply
awww :( that's cool, though. I love following fan accounts bc they know what's goin on!! hope you meet an astro boy sometime! :D
2 years ago·Reply