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In case you need a reason to love Jongsuk, check out the interview below. He's working hard towards achieving his dreams. Yet, despite the numerous successful projects that he has had till today, he remains honest and humble. ____ Vogue Girl (VG): To have an interview in Lankawi, Malaysia, with a glass of “Monkey Funky” cocktail right in front of us, it is like a dream. The shooting that lasted for the whole day yesterday must have been tiring, how did you spend the day today? Lee Jong Suk: I rested like “pu-u-u-uk”*, it’s been a long time since I rested like that. I was going to roll around and wake up late but somehow got up early. Around 8:30am, I think? After breakfast, I went back to the room to watch “One Piece” (recently I am super into this anime), then I would read my scripts. swimming and do some tanning. I’m not the type to tan easily so no idea how that would turn out. Then I washed up, had dinner, and now is having a cocktail here. So it was a relaxing day like out of a dream? * pu-u-u-uk sounds like a collapsed balloon, expressing complete rest from exhaustion VG: Staff members have mentioned that “Lee Jong Suk doesn’t just sweat, but his sweat flows like the dams have broken”, but you seem to have settled in nicely right now. Anything that’s particularly inconvenient? LJS: I am the legendary “sweating guy” (laughs). There’s not much I can do to stop it, I’ve tried many ways but they don’t seem to work on me. Using wet wipes to constantly dry myself off seems to be the best method so far, and when filming in hot locations like now, I would try to keep all my movement as small as possible. In “No Breathing”, I am playing a swimmer, so I am adjusting my diet. So I can’t eat as much as I’d want, even though the food here is surprisingly to my taste. Especially the tiger prawns I had just now, they were so good, even better than lobsters! VG: After “School 2013”, everyone was so curious about what project you would pick next. No matter how you slice it, “No Breathing” would be your first project as a lead man, how did you decide upon it? LJS: It is my first time being lead in a complete sense. The script was received right after “Secret Garden” ended, so it’s been developing for 2 years already. The director takes care of me like his own brother and is so considerate towards me, which is why I am going into filming with a grateful heart. Of course, to train up my body in such a short time is going to very tiring… VG: You’re only having bananas for dinner, is that okay? LJS: I’m also living on sweet potatoes and chicken breast meat. (laughs) Actually, rather than the diet, exercise and swimming is more tiring. I don’t know how to swim at all, and I’ve only just managed to learn freestyle. Now I go to the swimming pool between 11pm and 1am, practising every day from Monday to Saturday. I can do it, right? VG: Just looking at your body type, one would think you are born to be a swimmer. I hear that you would always check the monitors for your own performance. How do you view your own acting from that standpoint? LJS: Well, I’ve acted in sitcoms and been an MC before, and in my opinion, the public didn’t see me as an “actor”. Therefore, I went into “School” with the determination like that goes into sharpening a sword. It’s too much to hope that the public will see me as a “great actor”, but I want very much to be considered as an actor, at the very least. As you may know, the drama was very successful. Afterwards, I did receive a lot of offers, but they were all for high school student roles. I really wished to show a different side of myself in my next project, since I was worried about being typecast. However, when you think about it in a different perspective, there is really no period in your life that is as enriching to acting as the “stormy and fiery years” of being a teenager. If I don’t take these roles now, then when? I want to go on the offense. I made up my mind to start off with the things that I can do best in now and slowly polish my skills. Even though there are still a lot of shortcomings, but I am growing. There were many things that I found hard to do in “High Kick”, but they became much easier in “School”. VG: You are also appearing in the film “The Face Reader”. And the drama “I Can Hear Your Voice” has also started filming. It seems you are really the trend these days. LJS: Who knows? It could still just a bubble popularity. Let’s wait and see. (laughs). In “The Face Reader”, I play the son of an aristocrat fallen from glory, trying to return glory to the family name. My costume looks just like those of a beggar. My father, who is a face reader, wants to live a normal life no matter how hard it becomes. What happens next would go into spoiler territory so I’ll stop here. In the very first scene I did, I had to be slapped in the face by Song Kang-ho sunbaenim. We shot for a long time to achieve a realistic take; I think I got slapped for 20 times. To be honest, sometimes I would dodge the slaps just by automatic reflex and wasn’t able to convey the pain properly. But one must endure this for it to turn out nicely on the screen. As for the drama, I play a supernatural person, which is a role I have always wanted to attempt. It’s a bold project. VG: Even though you can’t drink at all, you filmed a CF for it. Are there any interesting episodes for that? LJS: I don’t know what alcohol takes like, even now. It has no taste, and your heart just becomes super fast when you drink it. But I can drink a can of beer quite happily. Though unrelated to alcohol, I almost died when filming the CF. For a scene of climbing up a building, we got training in rock climbing before coming to the set. However, the temporary set was not very well-built, and we had to hold hands when we were on the roof. Between Woobin and I, we even said stuff like, “Are we just going to die here like this?” The wind was blowing strongly that we ended up doing the filming indoors on a set. To be honest, I was so scared that it was like I lost ten years of my life up there. VG: It is rumoured that you are a drama mania, is it true? LJS: I love watching dramas and it is my favourite thing to do. Isn’t it funny? It was through watching “Full House” that I gained my dream as an actor. I don’t pick and choose but watch almost everything. Generally, I like sad and emotional dramas like “The World They Live In” or “That Winter, The Wind Blows” and sometimes would cry when watching it. Before I would focus on the plot without much other thinking, but now my focus would shift onto the acting of other actors. It’s like my hobby has become my work, kind of a pity really. VG: Your participation in the Solid Homme catwalk has become a hot topic, it’s really been a long time. LJS: When the offer came to walk for the 25th anniversary show, I was really conflicted. I’ve always said that I don’t want to do modelling anymore, but focus on my acting career. I still feel the same way now. But returning to the show was actually really good. I saw a lot of the hyungs and dongsaengs I used to work with, and when we walked on the stage together, something inside of me responded. Perhaps I was touched? I want to meet up like that in the future, and no matter what, walk on the stage again at least one more time. VG: Your style of white shirt and jeans at some events has also become a topic of discussion. LJS: What happened was that I didn’t like the clothes that the stylist has laid out for me, but some jeans and a white shirt was just lying there, so I wore that. Sometimes you stand out more when you wearing simpler clothes. Before I would try too hard to look cool and wear a whole bunch of accessories, but now I would just wear whatever I feel like. VG: You’re 25 years old now, in the prime of your youth. It’s a period of changes, right? LJS: Without noticing, I’ve come to the middle of my 20s. I want to become a man who exudes a masculine charisma, both personally or professionally. I think that if I would be even more charming if could exude manliness, but I’m not at that stage yet. I know that. Perhaps the young DiCaprio had this same frustration as well. So what should I do? No matter how hard I think, I come to the conclusion that it is impossible for me right now. A man’s worth starts when he is thirty years old, so I’ll look forward to when that time comes. Ultimately, I want to become a unique and irreplaceable actor. VG: You have a lot of humorous thoughts and also many things troubling you. How do you plan to spend the rest of your time here? LJS: Actually, I was thinking about this while I was swimming just now. I’m not the type to think only about playing when I play, so I’ll probably go back to my room and just read scripts until I fall asleep. I don’t really want to, but ultimately I will end up doing that. When you’re not skilled enough, you have to work hard as recompense, so this level of hard work is a must. It’s all for having a charismatic 30s! Wherever I can get to in the future, that would the biggest comfort for my current self.
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I love this part 'It’s too much to hope that the public will see me as a “great actor”, but I want very much to be considered as an actor, at the very least.' He is just so humble. And really his acting is amazing... he will get there soon!