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The results are finally here!! Thank you all for waiting. Find out who has their eye on you...

Bouquet #1- Jackson

You don't even have time to think as the male pulls you close and hands you the flowers. You start to protest but he silences you by whispering in your ear, telling you how much he adores you. You can't say anything as he lets you go and you can't help but stare as he walks off.

Bouquet #2- G-Dragon

The man's shy glance leaves you smiling as he holds out the flowers towards you in acceptance. You laugh taking the flowers murmuring a thank you. He looks up in shock then puts on this sexy smirk as he leaves you staring on the porch.

Bouquet #3- Kai

You almost don't see him handing you the flowers as you stare at the beautiful guy in front of you. Its almost breathtaking and you reluctantly take the flowers and blush seeing him smirk at you. Your heartbeat slows down once he finally leaves.

Bouquet #4- DOOM

Turns out the mystery voice was just a guy delivering flowers. You take the flowers and see a note tied to it. Your heart drops as you read it discovering that your Bangtan Bae has cancelled your plans.

Bouquet #5- Minho

You are met with the brightest smile you have ever seen. You think twice about taking the flowers but decide to take them anyway because he was so nice and cute. He finally leaves waving at you with that same stunning smile.

One more challenge until you find out if your Bangtan Love will survive!!! Be on the lookout.

well... i need to go with my initial instincts first it seems... almost got GD but got doom yet again, lol.
Holy moly! Kai! *blush*
I got G Dragon
I Got Jackson ^_^! This is getting intense cuz he is my bias of Got7!
NO KAI! I do NOT need another bias wrecker!!!
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