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WARNING!!! More smut. If you don't like smut, turn back now cuz it's pretty smutty at least I like to think so. I do not own these pictures. Credit to the owners. Also I want to thank everyone for reading my fanfic and all the likes I got and it makes me really happy that people asked to be tagged in them.
After the photoshoot they started to leave but they bumped into Mr. JYP. Hey boys! How the photoshoot go? JYP asked. It was pretty good, JB answered. That's good and it's a good thing I bumped into you guys. Jackson I have a favor to ask, JYP said. What is it? Jackson asked. I need you to go on this talk show so we can start promoting you guys in China, JYP said. Sure I'd love to, Jackson answered. Jackson left with JYP and the rest went back to the dorm. As soon as they got back Mark took a shower and went to bed. The talk show ended really late so when Jackson got back Mark was already asleep. Jackson walked into the room and noticed him asleep so Jackson decide to crawl underneath Marks blanket and start kissing Mark on the neck. What are you doing? Mark asked in a sleepy voice. Didn't I tell you earlier, Jackson said with a smile. Mark shot up out of bed. I told you no, Mark refused. But why, Jackson asked with a sad look. Oh my god you're so cute! Mark squealed in his head. But no I can't give in I told myself it wouldn't be as easy, Mark reminded himself. The puppy dog look isn't going to work on me! Mark informed him. Are you sure? Jackson asked. No Mark thought to himself but he had to refuse or Jackson would win. Yes I am sure, Mark lied. Jackson got up and looked Mark in the eyes. Are you sure? Jackson repeated. Mark avoided eye contact cause he knew he would give in if he looked at Jackson. I take that as a no, Jackson said before pushing Mark up against the wall. No, I told myself I wouldn't give in. You can't give in. Mark Tuan if you give in you're going to regret it, Mark yelled at himself but it was too late. Before he knew it they were already back on the bed and Jackson was on top of him making his body feel intoxicated with every touch Jackson laid on him. Jackson couldn't stand the pieces of clothing separating them anymore. Within seconds Jackson already had his and Marks clothes off. Jackson started to kiss every inch of Marks body causing Marks body to start twitching and then came the soft noises from Marks mouth. Jackson made his way down to Mark's bellybutton. Noticing the look on Marks face Jackson decided to tease him and stopped right before he got down to Mark's member and decided to lick Mark all the way back up to his face. You're such a tease, Mark said with disappointment. Oh so you do what it then? Jackson asked. Quit asking stupid questions, Mark told him and with that Jackson was right back down to Mark's member. Jackson licked the tip of Marks member causing Mark to moan. Mark started to get impatient with all the teasing Jackson was giving him. Mark grabbed Jackson and flipped him over and started kissing every inch of Jackson's body. Jackson didn't know what to do from Marks surprise attack all he could do was lay there and with every touch and kiss Mark made on Jackson's body made Jackson moan louder. Whatever Mark was doing to Jackson's body made Jackson beg for more. What has gotten into you? Jackson managed to ask. If you didn't tease me like you were it wouldn't be like this, Mark said with confidence. Mark slowly trailed down Jackson stomach all the way down to Jackson's member. To get back at Jackson, Mark slowly licked the tip of Jackson's member. Mark Tuan, who said you could tease me like that? Jackson asked in-between moans. You started it, Mark said with a smirk. You're right I did start it and now I'm going to finish it, Jackson said as he took his rightful place back on top of Mark. Jackson went back down on Mark and started to suck on his member. With every suck Jackson gave Mark moaned louder. Jackson stopped and looked at Mark. Are you ready? Jackson asked. Again with stupid questions, Mark said. Jackson smiled at Marks comment and proceeded to put a finger inside Mark causing him to moan. Jackson slowly began to finger Mark adding one finger at a time causing Mark to grab onto the sheet under him. Jackson lifted Mark's legs up replacing his fingers with his member making Mark arch his back as he moaned still holding onto the sheet under him. Jackson started to push causing Mark to let go of the sheets and grab onto Jackson. Mark pulled on Jackson's hair the faster Jackson went. Mark was holding onto Jackson so tight he left scratches. Jackson proceeded to go faster causing Mark to moan even louder. Nearing their climax Jackson gave a few more hard pushes causing him to fall on top of Mark letting their sweaty bodies meet as they both met their climax. Mark let out one last moan. That was great, Jackson managed to say between breaths. It was okay, Mark teased. Your moans would say otherwise, Jackson replied. You tease me like that again and you will pay for it Jackson Wang, Mark threatened. I think we need nicknames for each other, Jackson said randomly as he intertwined his body with Mark's.
That's the end of Chapter 5. There is only two more chapters left so far that might change I might end up writing more than two. If I didn't tag you, I'm sorry. @CallMeMsDragon @MelissaGarza @marisamusic @Izab3lla @KoreanDramaMaMa @MomoChamie @ninjamidori @AaliyahNewbell @SydneyLstrange @ChandraTorres @BBxGD @UnnieCakeAli @tiffany1922
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