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1. Video of the saddest BIGBANG song (in your opinion).
For me, the saddest song is Loser. I've only been able to watch the music video once and can't bring myself to watch it again mainly because of Daesung's part. I spent most of my time in school being bullied so his part really brings up a lot of memories for me. There are days where these lyrics perfectly describe my frame of mind and I relate to this song in many ways.
2. Daesung fan art.
3. Picture, video or gif of your OTP/Who do you ship? Tell me why you love this ship the most.
My OTP is GTOP. They have such an ease to them when they're around each other and their chemistry when they collaborate together is just...*melts* I accept all Big Bang pairings but this one will always own my heart.
4. Picture or video of G-Dragon with his kitty Mari.
5. Video of either a BB member imitating another idol, or of another idol imitating a member of BB. BB members imitating each other DO NOT count.
6. Picture or gif of TOP wearing contacts.
7. Picture, video or gif of a member of BIGBANG wearing something on their head other than what would traditionally be considered a hat.
8. Picture, video or gif of Taeyang cooking.
9. Picture or video of the BIGBANG dorm.
10. Doctor Who references in BIGBANG videos.
The most obvious one is T.O.P. in Bang Bang Bang. He got the memo that stetsons are cool, clearly.
There is no mistaking him as the impossible astronaut as well but I also thought of the Vashta Nerada when I saw him, even though they have more futuristic space suits than astronaut suits.
Also, in Bae Bae with GD....if Doctor Who has taught me anything, it is not to trust mannequins. I know an auton when I see one!
Lastly, I found a Big Bang reference in Doctor Who in the form of a new book that is coming out! Yay!
11. Video or gif or Seungri saying more about his members then he should.
12. We all know Monsta X stayed to watch BIGBANG accept the final award of the night at the 2015 MAMA awards, when most other idols had left. BB even thanked them for staying to celebrate with them. I want to see pictures, videos and gifs of our Kings with the boys of Monsta X from that very night.
Great job on the Doctor Who references.
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