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what non-rage game makes you rage the most

I thought of some thing fun to find out what game makes you mad but it doesnt try to so games like supermeat boy or games like that are out
i got this game for the 3ds and i love it but sometimes like trapping the lagiacrus got to me cause a dumb ludroth hit me and i couldnt use tranqs on the hunt when it was in a trap and i had to put my ds down and walk away but i did do it but it was bitter sweet
so what game is like that to you just is it a broken that wont let you go forward or does it have a huge difficulty spike or something im curious to see what you say
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playing KH2 on critical mode. the most frustrating and difficult thing I've done in a while. but I was ultimately victorious.
@ShakirBishop Agreed! It's probably because I'm terrible at it but I get so annoyed lol
Super Mario bros 3 was made by the devil himself
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