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Okay guys/girls...I really need suggestions. I still have two more suggestions that I'm in the process of now. Butttt... once I get finished with those, I need more suggestions to work on. This collection is all based off of your suggestions. (suggest a band and what you want to be doing with them, just to make it easier on me :))
Right off the bat, I.M serenades you from behind as you walk down the first store aisle
Jooheon sneaks off and tries every food sample in the store...and enjoys it...a lot
Hyungwon continuously cracks cheesy jokes, which keeps you distracted from shopping...
while Wonho is going around, walking like a man without hands because he is really bored
Kihyun knows how the rest of the group is when they leave the house, so he already has more than half of the list complete
I.M stops serenading you just to fight with Minhyuk about what kind of cookies to get (because that's very mature of him lol)
anddddd Shownu is secretly laughing at everyone... The show is just too good XD
ahhh could you do a Beast one? like the Yey mv. partying with them and so on. I never see any Beast ones and it makes me sad.
loooooove this xD
more monsta x please lol
I'd love EXO while on a trip to the beach :) and can you tag me in others you do as well? :3
Lmao that would be a hell of a trip. I'd probably feel either like Dong Wook did (after his first trip with Jackson, Young Ji, Joon in Roommate) or laughing along with Shownu.
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