In 2012 I was new to Kpop. I came upon it because I had just begun to watch Kdramas and noticed that an actor I thought was cute sang too! I watched a music video of his and kind of giggled about it,,. but I was not that impressed; however, as every Kpop fan knows, one video leads to another - and another - and then something magical happened... I watched "Bad Boy" ,,,

...and like a dream I fell down that never ending rabbit hole of fandom and landed in Big Bang Wonderland, was the beginning of a whole new world

In this world were these amazing characters...the most five wonderous men I'd ever seen...

...I had never felt like this before ... amazed, crazed, and fantastic!

Let’s all play together Ye Ye Ye let’s all jump together Ye Ye Ye Let’s all go crazy together Ye Ye Ye Let’s all go together Wow Fantastic Baby

2012 .... the year everything changed

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You just combined two of my most favorite things, and I love it
Ye Ye Ye... let's party!!!!!! the rabbit hole!!!
@lovetop lol! :-D