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so the Big Bang community is doing another Marathon and it's a give way at that. So here's the original card --->
@luna1171 is my partner.
Today is favorite era day. I honestly loved Big Bang from the very beginning but I have found in my research that the songs I play most from them besides the present are Monster and Blue from the Still alive Era. So that Is the era I chose for this card. Those two songs speak to me on a very personal level. I love every single song of theirs but Monster and Blue I play when I am really down and depressed. I also play their current album a lot as well.
This is my favorite song.
<enter me>
I realized I missed a day (aeygo) I forgot to post that day sorry everyone
Tagging the Squad
Tagging others I love
@VeronicaArtino I see you girl!! I just voted for Blue for BB song of the week next week...and I just posted my card for the same era!
The Still Alive special edition is the first album I bought. I love this era too, definitely a game changer with the amount of creativity they added in their m/v. Monster is my jam ❤❤😍