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Original was by @PrettieeEmm Found the challenge here: https://www.vingle.net/posts/1288708?isrc=v So here's my results!
I am an idol at jellyfish entertainment with Vixx Heaven by Vixx
My boyfriend is none other than GD (Jiyong) himself! (Somebody to love by bigbang)
We met at an anniversary. (What is right by bigbang)
Ken is trying to get in between us. (Time machine by Vixx)
Ken is also by BFF. ( eternity by Vixx)
Jiyong dedicates the song Let Me Know by BTS.
In return I dedicate bad boy by bigbang to him?
We have been happily together for 3 years! (Tomorrow by bts)
The first song we dance to at our wedding is G.R.8.U. By Vixx.
We have 7 kids. 0.0 (Embarrassed by bts)
We name our first kid Seung-hyun after T.O.P himself. (Oh yeah (ft. Park Bom) by T.O.P. And GD Big Bang)
yay you're a yg baby!! πŸ˜€
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Haha of course! Most of my favorite artists/idols are apart of YG
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