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since it is Valentine's Day well here in a couple of hours it will be I figured I would put different scenarios of how I would spend Valentine's Day with each member.
With Jin oppa , he would treat me like a princess with a big variety of food. We all know how he loves to eat so I'm sure would treat me with breakfast in bed to start out and then he would either pack up a picnic basket to go on a picnic or he would take me out to lunch. Then with dinner I'm sure he would make a really good romantic dinner. I'm sure he would probably try and treat me like a princess or treat himself as a princess too. either way I'm sure the day would be filled with him wanting to try different food restaurants just to share his love of eating with me.
Suga we would probably either spend the day around the house and watch Netflix all day or he might want to take the opportunity, if it's a nice gorgeous day, to go around Seoul or some park and take pictures. Truthfully it doesn't matter which one we would probably do as I got to spend some of my time with him. though I'm sure with the movies she will not want to watch a romantic movie with me unless he feels like since it's Valentine's Day he would let me choose the movie. With taking pictures I'm sure we would have fun with laughing and i would be "fighting" with him not to take pictures of me so I'm sure he would sneak a couple.
JHOPE he would make the day full of laughter to the point where my stomach would hurt and I be crying for how many times he was making me laugh. obviously we would not go to an amusement park as we all know his fear of heights. However I have a feeling he would have the day filled with either wanting to teach me how to dance or he would just want to hang out and do something fun. Truthfully I have no idea what we will probably do for fun but either way he would probably just make the day full fun and laughter. Plus his smile is so contagious you can't just not smile when he is.
Rap Monster I think with him we would have somewhat of a serious type of day. However it'll be in a good way. We would probably walk around the city and just talk about random stuff. Either talking about the new songs he's planning on writing and what the meaning is behind them, about the future what we plan or what we hope will happen with in the future, and different types a serious talks. The reason why I think this would Rap Monster would be because he was off the and the serious type of person and I can see this happening if we spend Valentine's Day together.
Jimin seems to be the type of guy who come and I see this happening, he would want to start the day out with some type of physical activity may either be walking or going on a bike ride. after the physical activity that we would have that morning I'm sure we would go and get some lunch. About at the same time, we probably would hit one of the local coffee shops and just sit down and talk. he has that cute side of his, but at the same time he gets off that serious type of expression. He would be like he would be like Rap Monster in monster in some way wanting to talk about serious things. However it probably won't be as serious which could be a good thing at the same time. What I also see happening him wanting to go to the beach. so he can feel as if he was at home.
V with him every be a very interesting day. he's weird in a good way though I'm sure whatever he has planned will be fun. However I have a feeling that it might deal with either bowling, video games, or maybe something with kids. Though it might seeing that he is wanting to want kids so I see as it is something that we would have in common that we would do that day.
Jungkook.... with him and might start out with in a thing really all shy throughout the day, but I'm sure he would warm up as the day progressed. Sense he's a big fan of drawing and does it on his spare time and I to draw in my spare time. I see him signing us up for someone of an art class for couples. It will be a day that we will be learning either something new or I would be helping him do something or he would have be helping me.
so there you have it seven different scenarios for each boy. Tell me down below on which one are you would like to or what you would like to add more to or if you would like to spend a day like me with all seven of these boys putting all the scenarios together.
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Ah!!!Like nobody wants to spend time with me on Valentines Day,I'll be just chilling with my earphones and be hearing Bts!!!!>_<Nah just kidding or will I