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Hey guys sup this is kalyan i wanted to know what clan are you............ and I am uzumaki clan wohoo let me know in the comments section below dont forget to go rasengan + amateratsu + 8 trigram and 64 palms on that like buttons! I KNEW IT I AM THE NEXT UZUMAKI! KALYAN UZUMAKI ........ (goes to hair salon to dye his hair!)
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Uchiha. Huh, looks like the clans wasn't all eradicated after all! Thanks for letting all of us live, Itachi!!
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I'm the next uchiha to leave the village for a dumb reson
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Uchiha o.o Does that mean I can go on vacation for 3 years from school? :D jk
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Did someone call for a handy, dandy Uzumaki? 馃槃
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So currently there's only three hyuga 's here huh?
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