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This man truly got what he deserved. This is what should happen to every narcissist male or female. I applaude this woman's courage and i am most pleased at the out come as this narcissist will never practice psychiatry again. What did he do? He violated the code of conduct for psychiatrists by revealing to her things about his personal life, certainly in effort to manipulate a loving response from a very troubled woman. Then, he violated it again by having sex with her after convencing her that no one but him would ever understand her or love her the way that he did. Then, only after he had been trusted to take care of her deepest emotional needs, he devalued her by telling her that he loves to use women and make them act like sluts and whores and he suggested that she be his sex toy. What did she do? She exposed him though he begged her not to do it. She still suffers emotionally from what he did to her. He still tries to contact her. She has trouble with maintaining no côntact because he is still all she can think about. Instead of helping her with her emotional and psychological problems, he made it ten times worse. Before you judge this woman. Keep in mind that when someone has a very strong emotional bond to another person, detaching is so difficult. Even when the love is gone. Being manipulated and abused by a narcissist has lasting affects. She still feels the need for the relationship to be what it was before he revealed to her the type of man that he really is. It is deeply psychological manipulating and conditioning on his part so that she will need continual counceling just to break free from that need to be loved by him and regain a sense of self-worth. My story This is precisely what happened to me, unfortunately. Exept for a few differences. He never just flat out told me that he wanted to make me feel like a slut. He demonstrated it and tried to coerce me into it at the same time using the silent treatment and promising that he would talk to me again if i would agree to perform sexual acts for him on skype. This, of course was after the emotional bond and love was already strong on my end. Another difference is she said that it wasn't love that she felt but it was just infatuation and the idea that he was her hero to save her and so on. I actually did and still do care very deeply and personally for the man who hurt me. I do experience a desperate need at times to be loved by him but even when i am doing fine without him, i still feel that i care for him very much and miss just being with him because i experienced a strong bond with him even during the silent treatment. I also found great forgivness and he also calmed down and the demand for sex became less and less frequent. I am not so dellusional to think that he loved me but i do know that he wanted me to be there for him and love him and that touched my heart a lot. So my situation is more complex. Also, i never did sexual things for him. I eventually did expose him in a moment of great pain after being discarded without a word from him after waiting two weeks just for him to see my messages. but I felt bad later because i do love him. However, he has chosen to have no contact with me. He never suffered any consequence other than what was in his own mind. And i was shunned ane abused by his friends and family.
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fuck that guy