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First of all Jisoo...please be my teacher and Seokmin please be the hot/cute assistant.
Seokmin legit went from hot to cute in like 2.5 seconds...which was rude af! Like stawpppp! You are messing with my emotions fam and meh heart can't handle! His smile is just so contagious and beautiful!
And Yoongi's son who I just really really want to take care of was so freaking adorable. Legit I started whimpering because he was so cute, I couldn't handle it! I WILL DIE OF JIHOON'S CUTENESS!
Hello Mr. Hot Ass Teacher (if he were a would be great...I would actually want to come to school😂) but Jisoo was lowkey looking like Seong Ho from Remember and I had a little mind blow😂
When is he never cute? Like no questions asked he is always cute but his voice can take off a female's panties faster that she can say his name.
And finally my bias, Jeonghan, killing me...I had to put my phone down and just have a moment bECAUSE WHEN THAT BOY BIT HIS LIP....THAT WAS THE SEXIEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN CUZ SWEET JESUS PRAISE🙌🏽...UGHH why is he so hot! Just love me! That's all I ask!
They just need to stop!
And the song was PERFECT, as always! Their voices are so beautiful that I was legit sobbing in my pillow for more than 5 minutes. It's amazing how they come together and harmonise perfectly. Like I literally have no more words because their voices and the song speaks for it's self. It was amazing and the video was cute! Just wonderful hands down! Great jobs boys, it's okay to hurt my heart, totally fine😂. Hwaiting!