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Who do you think would win. Shikamaru who owns various forms of shadow jutsu. Specializes throughout shadows.
Or Rogue the third generation dragon slayer from Fairy Tail that is able to switch to dragon force on his own.
are you on drugs coming up with this match waaaaaaa~隆 jk ok let's get serious I may be over thinking this but shiky would win since it would take him mere moments to come up with a strategy on beating rouge since shiky isn't the same slacked he use to be I'm sure he could handle rouge but that's just my personal thoughts so don't judge me too brutally lol
rogue ,ive watched both shows and both my fav but with the info i have,rogue would win
I say it's a fair fight
and if shikamaru knows that information. with his IQ he could come up with a perfect strategy to beat Rogue just like @LoveGaara said
thing is all slayer type mages (Dragon, God and devil) are immune to the type they use, fire Dragon slayer immune to fire (natsu) holy Dragon slayer immune to holy type (sting) thus rogue is immune to shadow type, not to mention all slayers can consume and absorb the type of power they use (and in other instances other elements like natsu eating lightning and gajeel eating shadows) therefore natsu can eat flames and rogue can eat shadows, so i think rogue would win
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