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ugh I haven't had net for a while which also means having anime withdrawals we all know how much those suck... anyway I'm bad at keeping in contact and replying to people so I must say I'm sorry if you comment and don't get a reply I will try my best but if I don't its just my bpd being triggered so no offense... anyway I mean what I said I may not know any of you on a personal level or any level at all but I feel a connection through all the posts on here... it might just me being crazy but I thank you for doing what you do not know you are doing... that is even though you don't speak to me directly most of us find the same things funny or interesting or even watching the same anime at the same time I don't feel alone and it makes me actually want to try to keep contact with the 3d world but like a said before I do suffer bpd lol... anyway sorry for rambling and prolly boring u you... ps the gramer fairy isn't here so there ain't punctuations lol
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yes I will make a contract