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Saitama vs Forretress
What happens if Saitama goes up against a pokemon with the ability sturdy? Since the ability protects against one hit kills can a pokemon with sturdy best the one punch man?
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@KyleBerke You are venturing into unexplored waters. Tread carefully.
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I'm gonna say they can beat Saitama
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saitama could just throw another punch right after he lands the first one.
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the thing with sturdy is that if you use a normal one hit ko move like fissure, it will completely unnaffect the pokemon.
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@TuxedoSoul that is correct, but it also prevents the pokemon from going down in one hit to regular moves. For example, a Forretress with full health that is hit by fire blast (super effective, x4) will survive with one HP because of sturdy.
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