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In case you don't want to be tag Fallow the collection so you don't miss any updates ☺️ H Announcement: Friday's and Sunday's will Be Reaction days :)
Jin: "Ah,y/n.." He would say into the kitchen,"oh.." He noticed you wearing his shirt and smiled from ear to ear. He walks up to you and hugs you from behind, "That looks delicious y/n.. Would you like some help?"
RapMon: "That's a nice view" He would tease as he walked up to you from behind and slowly caressed your thigh, "Namjoon!" You would say back, trying to push him away. "Just a little but please..?"
V: "Ah y/n, It smells great in here!" He would shout as he ran into the kitchen hugging you when he stopped. He would then say in the hugging position refusing to move because you looked so cute and he couldn't let you go.
Suga: He would walk into the kitchen and stop when he saw you cooking and wearing his favorite shirt. He wouldn't dare say how much it turned him on, but he would definitely be appreciating the view.
Jimin: "Oh my God! What is this Adorable creature doing in my house?!" He would go up to you and start poking your face, your stomach, everything. "It's so cute!" He would say while hugging you tightly from behind and lifting you up to give you a kiss.
J-Hope: He would be thinking in his head as he saw you in his shirt, "Why is this girl so cute but can turn me on so much"
Jungkook: He would find it incredibly cute that you wore his shirt to sleep because he knew that you loved him. You would set the food on the table and he would be ruining up to you and giving you a quick kiss before he sits down at the table and says, "Thanks you y/n! You're the best! I'll make sure to eat it deliciously!"
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