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Sorry y'all for taking so long to write, school is hard. LOL. Here you go, hopefully, this will be enough to satisfy you till the next time. part 7: https://www.vingle.net/posts/1400106-First-Time-in-Korea-Part-7

Chanyeol takes me to the closest tent that serves food and orders a bottle of soju and dukdukboki. We sit in silence, I'm trying to wrap my head around what happened at the party. 'Kris smiling and laughing with some chick just got me so mad. All night, I was with everyone else but him.' I look at Chanyeol. 'He's just so nice and sweet, I shouldn't drag him into this. I should text Julie of where I am, that way she won't be so worried. Oh, shoot. I left my stuff back in there.' "Hey, Chanyeol, can I borrow your phone? I need to text Julie, so she won't worry about me and to grab my stuff." I said. Chanyeol grabs his phone from his pocket and passes it. I unlock the phone and was shocked to see a familiar face looking at me on his wallscreen. It was a picture of me, playing basketball. The store lady brings our food, Chanyeol prepares it for me. I look up at him and imagine what would it be like to be his girlfriend. ****************************************************************************************
I blush, thinking about Chanyeol pushing me against a wall of books in the back of the library, telling me he likes me and he can't control it anymore and kisses me. Chanyeol pours me a drink, "You Ok, Jinny?", I snap back to reality and grab the drink, "Yea, I'm fine." I chug the shot. He looks at me in surprise. "What?" I said. "Are you sure you can drink? You drank in the party." He looks so concerned. "Yea, I can drink alot." I heard a ping, I look down and open the text. Julie: I can't find it... Me: What????!!!??? Julie: Wait, Suho told me that Kris grabbed your stuff and left. Me: When was it like 5 minutes ago? Julie: I don't know, Sorry. Do you want me to pick u up and go to the hotel? Me: No, I'm chilling with Channie, I'll probably hang out at their dorms for a nightcap. Julie: Ok, Call me if you need me. Me: Heehehehehe I will! :) "Sorry about that Channie, here's your phone back." I sheepishly smile, as I pour him a drink and I just noticed he topped off my drink, while I was probably texting. He just smiled and pointed at the dukdukboki and offered me the first piece and fed me. He flinches when his phone beeps, before he texts back I see that Kris was looking for us. I grab the bottle and pour him a drink and pour myself one, even though he frowned when I did that.
He tells me that he thinks I've had too many, just as I was about to argue, Kris comes inside the tent and scans the room. Chanyeol looks over to where I'm staring and he waves Kris over, I take the opportunity to grab his drink and down it in one go. He looks at me wide-eyed and looks over to Kris. Kris sits on his heels, eye-level with me and his expression is unreadable. I shove more dukdukboki in my mouth before I get up to leave. The sharp movement of getting up so fast caused the room to start spinning and I felt unbalanced. I felt warm hands holding my shoulders, once I righted myself, I shrugged off his hands and told Chanyeol to hang back out at their dorms. He let out a exasperated sigh and grabbed my wrist and pulled me out of the tent. Kris followed closely behind, Chanyeol stopped a taxi and opened the door, he first got in and then me, then Kris. "Why are you here, Kris?" I said kind of slurred. Like, Whyyy are youuu herrree, Kwiss? I saw that he smirked, I turned my body towards him and I pouted. "Why are you laughing?" "Because you're cute." He said, smiling and looks over to Chanyeol. "I got agree with Kris, usually other girls would be yelling, cussing, or passing out. You can handle your liquor, Jinny." Chanyeol said. The alcohol was making my brain fuzzy and I couldn't retort back. My dress kept riding up since the taxi's seat was leather, I tried to pull it down. I was squished between two tall guys that needed the leg room. I was starting to feel warm because of their combined body heat. I started to doze off. Kris leaned his body closer to the window and angled his body so I can rest my head on his chest. My awareness was fleeting with each second, but I thought I heard him say, "I'm sorry for liking you...". **************************************************************************************** I felt like I was being carried on a marshmallow and the ride was bumpy that caused me to throw up in a potted plant. My feet touched cold flooring and it woke me up just a bit to walk into the kitchen and grab a glass of water. While I was chugging it, Chanyeol went to a room on the right, Kris was in front of me and he lead me to his room. He had a separate room and bathroom. I went to the bathroom, I felt so sticky, I stripped out of my clothes, stepped into the shower and let the hot water warm me up. I stepped out and grabbed a blue towel and towel dried my hair and body and walked in to a walk-in closet. I grabbed a long sleeve buttoned down shirt and a pair of boxers. I went to the sink and looked at the mirror. "I look like a hot mess." I said solemnly. My mascara was smudged, other than that I was fine. I grabbed tooth paste and brushed my teeth with my finger. I put on some cologne, 'Mmmm, smells like Kris.' I step out of the bathroom. I see the bed turned down and I climb on the bed. Kris and Chanyeol walk in and they stop in their tracks and take a sharp intake of breath and they look at each other and shake their heads. The shower definitely had help sober me up some, but I was still feeling weak and cold; cuz of my hair being a bit wet. "Chanyeol, can you grab me some hot tea, I feel cold." I said, imploring him using my eyes to leave me and Kris alone for a moment. He nods and turns around and closes the door when he leaves the room. Kris crosses the room and sits next to me at the edge of the bed, he reaches out but halts, uncertain if I'm still angry or not. "How you feeling, Jinny? Want me to grab some aspirin?". I noticed he changed out of clothes into gray sweatpants and a black tank top. His face scrubbed clean and it looked baby smooth, that I unconsciously touch his cheek with my right hand. He takes a breath and his eyes narrows. "Kris, I'm sorry for giving you attitude tonight, it wasn't fair to you. I felt neglected by you, the whole night I was talking to other guys from BTS, GOT7, and EXO. You were nowhere to be found, until I saw you talking to Jesse. I thought that maybe you got tired of me and that thought made me scared and angry." Tears start forming in my eyes and threaten to spill, but I have to continue or I can't be in the same room as him. "You mean so much to me and I guess I'm falling in love with you, I understand that you may not feel the same way and that your career is more important. I-" He cuts me off with a kiss. "Jinny, You are important. I'm sorry that you felt neglected, the only reason I was talking to Jessica was regarding work and she brought up your name." I raise my eyebrow, he quickly explains, "She thinks your good match for me; you're gorgeous, smart, funny, and so caring." While he explains my face flushes with pleasure to hear such compliments, I look away so he won't see my face. His index finger lifts my chin and makes me look at him. "I feel the same way you feel about me...I was annoyed earlier at the party when I saw you and Chanyeol dancing to close, WAY too close. I got jealous and I want to say I'm sorry." I shook my head. "I'm sorry too, because I felt the same when I saw you talking her, too." We just look at each other and start laughing; how can we be so blind to not notice each others feelings. A knock interrupts us and Chanyeol pops his head in and I'm guessing he sensed the atmosphere between us was ok for him to come in. "Here you go, it's chamomile tea, it should help with sleep and being warm." I smile to show my thanks. We hear the front door open and a bunch of noise start to escalate as they step further in. I see that Chanyeol visibly relaxes when Baekhyun yells his name.
Chanyeol bids me adieu and turns on heels to get out of the room as soon as possible, closing the door right behind him. Kris and I exchange glances, I need to talk to Channie tomorrow. I kneel on the bed and I see Kris's eyes follow my every movement. I run my hands through my hair and I try to pose like those victoria secret models. His crooked smile goes full wide, when he realizes what I'm trying to do. He starts to tickle me as punishment. "Stoppp, Krissss.... Stoopppp" What happened next was impossible to predict.
I hope you guys like it. I'm going to sleep. LOVE YOU ALL>>> Saranghae
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