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I'm curious what you think? After watching video do you think he just got instant justice or did this warrant an attempted murder charge? Would-be thief who had arm ripped off during robbery is pictured http://dailym.ai/1Tg3muF via http://dailym.ai/android
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wow yeah, highly emotional. that raises the question though, not because of that one insident ame the circumstances but just because the act alone, could the one behime the wheel be a psychopath. idk how much you know about psychopathy but the majority of psychopaths mfver commit a violent crime. they hurt people emotionally and psychologically. but could still be diagnosed as a psychopath which puts them in a category with serial killers and rapists. they. so if he is a psychopath then he wouldnt feel any regret or conscience about that or anything else he might choose to do. though a non-violent psychopath is as far as actions is concerned, would certainly not be though. as evil as a rapist or a murderer, the element for that to happen exists within anyone who. is a psychopath.
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@MelissaMae no doubt!!! cuz even after a gun in my face and being robbed I can guarantee that I wouldn't have had that kind of knee jerk reaction. You raise a good point. I've read a lot on mental disorders and am fascinated with behavior in general. I also personally have experience with a sociopath and a narcissist who my very very best best friend I love more than family thru her woundedness and codependency from a horrific childhood and adulthood has fallen for and remains with no matter how much fro. day one I knew the guy was bad. it soo hard to watch someone you love continue in something that you know at some point is going to implode on a scary level. I've sadly had to step back from her. I will never leave her and will be there for her but she couldn't handle my refusal to accept this as a good choice. I've had to stand my ground as lovingly as I can. we both are deeply devoted Christians and Gods always working on us. I'm sorry I didn't mean to go here and lay thus all on you. It's just been a very heartbraking situation that involves kids as well and I miss my friend but not sure how to be in a relationship with her. Part says grit your teeth and bear it hearing about him cuz when it does implode she's going to need me and other part says stand your ground making a very clear boundary line that I do not want yo hear or talk about him. either way I'm going to still love her but it sooo hard!!! thanks for listening sorry to vent like that!
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@2Distracted. no dont be. i enjoy the conversation. have you seen my posts about narcissists? i was with one and to this day i love ame miss him. i cared for him in the deepest way but he hurt me more than i can ever say. now he is married and it hurts me every day. but anyway, i agree with you about your friend and hope she can break that spell he has over her. and also, i wouldnt run over anyone either. i would pee my pants and be in shock. i think any normal person would unless they were used to having their lives threatened on a regular basis.
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That's a sad way to learn not to steal. Smh what's worse is its all over shoes. Trading flesh so something made in a factory . Can't even really be upset with the man for doing it, highly disappointed that this was the way he handled it but he was more than likely having a fine day until a ignorant young fella with bad intentions came his way. I don't say ignorant to criticize but I'm sure everyone has heard "tho shall not steal" and on some level everyone knows deep down its not right. So when you go beyond yourself and think that it doesn't apply to you that puts you in the ignorant category. Hopefully now that its a arm and not his life, he gets his life right because. this was avoidable. While it also could have been avoidable if he would have just let him go. Forgiveness is a hard thing but very necessary in the world.. it is no longer a eye for a eye. This was ugly on both ends but no lives lost. Both should contact Jesus
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@Lauraca21 I couldn't have said that better! My favorite part and one I agree with is your last sentence!!!!
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