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If you don't have the time to explore this ultimate card, you can always clip it and bring friends later for a little adventure time. Keep coming back to party.

Welcome everyone! (要らしっゃい, みな!)

A special gift for my friends - the official Rockron Vinglecon concluding 2015 and moving beyond. It's EXTREMELY late. Lots of goodies and laughs are here for fans of mainstream anime/manga; Big news, discussions, comedy, suPRIZes, 日本五Japanese text and more! Below, you'll find a map for whatever you're into, labeled with letters. Stay a while! Like some crap! Comment on junk. Did you know it's super late?

Vinglecon Map

Rising Legends............................................................A My 4 Favorite Anime of All Time ................................B Thunder Legion Tribute...............................................C Gems of 69..................................................................D What to watch, what to watch?....................................E Gimme' That Opinion!..................................................G
Note: This Card Covers A - B

A: Rising Legends

- A1: Itachi Shinden

Naruto Shippuden: The True Legend of Itachi ~ Light and Darkness; Itachi Shinden, along with Sasuke Shinden, is one of the first two installments of Shueisha's Naruto Shinden (Naruto True Legend) Manga series. It has two parts: The Glory volume and the Dark Knight volume. Can you handle THE TRUTH? "WHEN?": Release estimated March this year. *......SMH. The Dark Knight...*

- A2: Attack on Titan

Sasha loves potatoes. Mikasa's BAE, bro! Eren hates Titans. Levi cares; Right, friends? In Japanese, it's "Shingeki no Kyojin." It is believed that the anime will be significantly different from the manga in its next season. You may find a lot of unreliable rumors about the storyline of this upcoming season, but the release date of the AOT videogame (On PS Vita, PS3 and PS4) is confirmed for February. The anime is expected on either the same date or not too far behind the game. "TELL ME WHEN!": It's confirmed for 2016, and possibly in the latter half, but I don't know! Up yours! I'm not obligated to tell you anything anyway! ...JK, I'm kidding. Have a seat.

- A3: Fairy Tail Zero

This anime's storyline takes place 105 years before that of Fairy Tail. In fact, one of the show's characters is Yuri Dreyar! I won't spoil who he is if you can't guess, but he's one sign that this story is OLD! The less you know about this show now, the more suprises you'll have later, so let's save some suspense *Akward wink*. "WHAT DATE?!": The manga's scheduled for July 12 .

- A4: One Punch Man

Calliou Shippuden - One does not simply stop Saitama's punch. This superhero went viral for his insanely OP strength and fortune-telling bald head. His name is Caillou Saitama (A.K.A. Saitama), and he beats all of his enemies in one punch. One of a kind. Krillin's first season is only 12 episodes long, and was released last year in December. "SO WHEN?!": It usually takes six to nine months or one to two years to develop a whole new season, so expect it late this year.

B: My Favorite Anime of All Time

*Let's get personal!*

B1: Teen Titans

SILENCE!! I know it's a cartoonime show. It's what you get when Japanese people try to make a cartoon. The intro comes in both languages, the point being I loved it more than most anime shows today(not that I knew what anime was yet). ANYWAY...I hate the remake just as much as if not more than you do, but fornunately, the original is planned to return. The live action release will tie in with shows such as Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl. The cartoonime's season 6 should FINALLY be made as well. It's about da-...aaanime time. .

B2: Naruto

Naruto and Naruto Shippuden / Naruto Manga - ナルト と ナルト 疾風伝 / ナルト 漫画 STOP. Don't judge yet. I'm not including fillers or much of the Fourth Great Ninja War. It's a darn good show. ...What the crap?! I'm not going to EXPLAIN why it's one of the best anime in two generations! Naruto is the second most beloved anime of all time (DBZ 1st). The games, merchandise, etc... It's everywhere. The simple reality is that you cannot escape Naruto's fame. Just watch/read Naruto and learn why. Still don't see it? View more or get rekt. Nuff said. Masashi Kishimoto's a genius. If you cannot understand how he surpassed Oda, Kubo or Mashima, I have nothing to say to you. #oldschoolnarutofansunite Wait! I love 'em all, though! Respect. Honestly. ...Yup. Nailed it. .

B3: My Love Story

Ore no Monogatari - 俺 の 物語り Why didn't I choose One Piece? I could, but let's think outside the Thousand Sunny, shall we? If you're a sucker for NaruHina, but romance shows are too lame for you, come here. If not, come here anyway. If you're a girl, check this out. If you're a boy, check this out. If you're tired of fanboys/fangirls, come here. If you ARE a fanboy/fangirl, come here. My Love Story is love. My Love Story is life. There's a reason why it's on the top 4 list. (Then again, I don't watch many romance animes, but I got a special manga that included a sneak peek of this. It was hilarious!!) .

B4: Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist first, FMA: Brotherhood second. The manga has it all in one piece(Badum. Tss! ...One Piece...). It's suprisingly very detailed in terms of education with alchemy. This show has a very SUPERIOR soundtrack, unique characters and a deep, well-designed storyline. It would appeal to the intelligent, poetic, creative, philosophical, curious or DEEP types of people the most. If you're interested in watching these shows, start with Fullmetal Alchemist. It includes the nizzle fuchizzle, while FMA:Brotherhood shrinks the FUCHIZZLE to add more DRIZZLE, leaving you with nizzle chizzle drizzle. Ya feelin' me, brutha? Seriously. I'm not kidding with that soundtrack. .


(For now...) I'm professional. Fix my mistakes!! If you see ANY grammatical errors, incorrect info, etc., send me a message so I can change it. If the public supports this enough, it will be continued in the FUTURE! (FUTURE! FUTURE. Future. Future...future...*future*) Thanks for coming! .
The manga of Fairytail Zero has been out for quite awhile now. It's REALLY good! Check it out!! And AoT season 2 starts mid April!!! Can't wait!
I know you're not all into anime, but I like to include my friends just in case. I've improved your individual emojidentities. 🌈🎃@HiwaRasul 🍔🔧@TylerDurso 🌊🍦@Babyfayce15  🍉@KittyCommittee 🍺@RoronoaLuffy 🐼@Ash2424701 🐶@Basara 👒🍖@LuffyNewman  🐹@havic 🐸@DakotaCooley  🐷@brirodriguez412 🐵@desireesowah143 🐴@TiffanyWallace  🐳@hikaymm  🐲@XxFallingStar 🐻@TeddieBear 🐯@danidee 🐮@Sirprods 🐭@SeintoSeiya 🐬@RaulGamboa  🐫@Presidentepic 🐩@QueenYuki 🐨@tayhar18920 🐧@ShinigamiSan 🐦@yulissab2015 🐣@captainespe0n 🐢@AdamDean  🐡@JustinDiaz 🐠@Thatperson512 🐟@ShalltearBloodf 🎂@ebethoven  🐍@shannonl5  🐜@sammsosa  🐛@Danse 🐙@arnelli 🐘@KalyanMadoori 🐰@Hatrosca 🐎@InVinsybll 🐔@cjsmith687 🐒@RONRON21 🐑@Lizzeh 🐝@MimmiBumble01 🐌@missmage001 🐗@DanieWilkins 🐱@HappySaysAye  🔪@IsaiahWaterford 🐞@PASCUASIO ⚡🍫@Laxus 🍒🔩@TreverMoon 🍜@Triplesss46  🐺@LilianaWolf  🍃☕@Kirik 👀🍥@HaleValkyrie 🎌🎎🍱
I third and fourth it @RONRON21 @DakotaCooley the anime world would be killer my NAKAMA!! Heck let's try and make our own. If any one of us makes it possible we will invite the rest of our NAKAMA in a heartbeat. Might even be like a superpower ecchi harem anime world hahahaha
I love anime... I would rather live in the anime world than this one
@Rockron97 I'm finally a NEKO T-T
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