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"Hey, (Y/N)-ssi~~" I heard a familiar voice say behind me. I tensed in my seat but continued to take out my books. I then felt a strand of my hair being pulled slightly. I look over to see Hoseok playing with my hair, an obnoxiously adorable smile on his face. "What is it now, Hoseok?" I ask, already annoyed. "Why can't you call me Wonho like everyone else does?" He asks, letting go of the strand. "Because I'm not like everyone else." I tell him. "You got that right." He mutters to himself. "What's that supposed to mean?" I look at him, squinting my eyes. "Oh nothing. Nothing at all." He laughs, turning to look forward in his seat. "Ugh. Whatever." I shake my head and look at the professor who started his lesson. Hoseok and I have been arch-enemies ever since grade school. It was a love-to-hate relationship. Except for when I turn 13 and my hormones started raging. So now, I have a thing for's a gross thing. I think he is.......cute....UGH!! IT'S JUST TOO GROSS!!! He knows that I think this and he uses it to his advantage... Every. Chance. He. Gets. And it doesn't help that whenever we talk to each other, he has to make wise cracks about everything that I do. I hate it! "You want to meet me on the roof after school?" He asks, suddenly. "And why would I want to do that?" I turn to look at him. "Because~ there is something really important I have to tell you." He smirks. "Let me think about" I turn back in my seat. "Aww come on. Just hear me out." He begged....wait, begged? "I don't know about this." I tell him. "It would be worth your while....I promise. It's very important!" He muses. "Ugh! Only because otherwise, you won't leave me alone about it." I give in. Just then, the teacher walks in and we have to stop talking. But not before I hear him mutter 'Yes!' to himself. 'What a dork!' I think to myself. --After School-- I walk up the steps that lead to the roof. I turned the knob and walked out; the wind blowing my hair back. I breathed in the gentle breeze, feeling at ease. After closing the door, I sat down and curled my knees into my chest to wait on Hoseok. He should've already been hear. "You actually showed up?" He said from behind me. I stood up to see him standing behind me, his hands in his pockets. I jumped up and brushed off my bottoms, careful not to fall over. "So what is it?" I ask. "Well.....see hears the thing..." He starts to walk around. "We have known each other for a while now and I have always had this weird attraction to you. I always liked to annoy you and tease you. It made me smile to see you so I kept teasing you, I noticed how you would be angry at me afterwards. I felt bad that I hurt someone I cared about. And I started to realize that I didn't just care about you...I felt something much deeper than that...I realized that----how do I say this? I started to love you." He looked away. . . . . I laughed at him. He looked up quickly. "That's hilarious. That was really good. You have an amazing sense of humor, Hoseok." I say with so much venom in my voice. "Who do you think you are? What makes you think you can play with my emotions like this? Yeah, I like you! So what? This isn't something you should play with." My hands were in fists. I can't believe he would stoop this low as to use my feelings against me. "It's really amazing. You're an amazing comedian. Now I would like it if you got out of my life forever.....and...have a nice day." I say all to kindly before walking away. Sarcasm hung in the air after the sentence left my mouth. I'm done with him. Or so I thought.. Right when I was about to walk out the door, he grabbed my hand and turned me around.... He pushed my back against the wall and . . . . . He kissed me. Softly...almost non-existent. As if he never did it. It felt so genuine but I couldn't give in and yet, I did. I kissed back and brought my hands up to grip his blazer. The kiss was sweet and.....salty? Finally he pulled away, both of us panting. I looked up to meet his gaze, I saw the tears streaming down his face. I made him cry? I opened my mouth to ask him something but he stopped me. "Don't. Just....please let me have this." He looked up to meet my gaze. I saw so much hurt and...guilt in his eyes. "I know I don't deserve your forgiveness but I deserve to at least ask for it. I'm so sorry for how I treated you. I genuinely love you. I'm just so stupid...I couldn't show it...." He took a pause. WONHO'S POV: I had to look away. I couldn't meet her gaze. She was just too much for me. I have never been this close to her and my heart is beating a mile a minute. I feel my heart is about to beat out of my chest. And I kissed her!! I shocked even myself but I had to stop her one way or another. That was all I could think of. "I wanted to tell you how much I loved and cared for you but...I would get so nervous and react the wrong way....I would ruin everything just because..." I sighed. "Just because I was a coward." I look up into her big, brown eyes. She's so beautiful. "Really? You like me too? Genuinely? How?" She sounded confused. "Yes really. I do like you. Yes, genuinely. And I don't know just happened that way." I smiled sadly, she giggled softly. I loved her laugh. "Can you give me just the smallest chance? I promise, I will try really hard. Just...please..." I ask again. She sighs...but nods. "Okay, why not?" A huge smile grew on my face followed by her smile. That smile that I loved so much. Finally....caused by something I did.
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