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Yugyeom- Girls Girls Girls

(This song is the fluffboi (safer way to say f*** boy) anthem)
"Please accept my love." The third girl today confessed to me. I rolled my eyes and sadly shook my head. "I'm sorry but...I don't feel the same. Please don't take it personally but I'm not looking for a relationship with anyone right now." Lying to myself. I did want a relationship....just not with her. I tried to let her down easily but her eyes watered and she ran away crying. Damn. Not again. This happens all the time. I watched as she ran and I turned to walk to my class. On my way there, I saw my good friend (Y/N). She was talking to her friend Are-Um. She was smiling and giggling. I sighed at how beautiful she looked this morning. I was so entranced by her, I don't notice Mark and Bam Bam sneak up behind me. "YAH!!" Both of them yelled as they poked my back, causing me to jump slightly. I turned to see their laughing faces. "Yah!! That wasn't funny. You nearly scared my baby out of its womb." I refer to a drama (Y/N) asked me to watch. (A/N: Any She Was Pretty lovers here? Shin-Hyeok is life. I shipped Hye-Jin and Shin-Hyeok.) "Oh hush, Yugyeom. If you weren't too occupied with staring at (Y/N) then you would have heard us sneaking behind you." Bam Bam teased. "Kunmipook......stop...." I used his whole name. His smile brushed off his face. "How dare you insult my name?" He punches my arm playfully, causing me to laugh. "Whatever kid." I say. "How are you gonna call me kid when you're the youngest here?!?" Bambam asked. "Cause of your baby face." I say, walking away. "Why I never?" I hear him say, sounding like he has been disrespected. I walk over to (Y/N), my heart racing faster as I get closer to her. "Hey? (Y/N)?" I tap her shoulder. She looks over at me and smiles brighter. "Hey, Yugyeom." "I'll see you later, (Y/N)." Are-Um smiles, suspiciously. "Okay." She turns to me. "So what's up?" "Uhh...I just wanted to ask if you would like to hang out after school today?" I asked, rubbing the back of my neck. "Oh...I'm sorry. I can't." She says, apologizing. "Oh. That's okay." My heart shattered. I had to get out of here before I start crying. "Hey, I gotta go somewhere." I say, turning and running away. "Wait, Yugyeom!" She calls. Tears drip down my face. I can't believe she rejected me. --Two Weeks Later-- I have been avoiding (Y/N) at all costs. I just can't bring myself to talk to her after she rejected me. It hurts too much. I'm walking down the hallway, head hanging low. I don't want anyone seeing me. Which is quite hard. So many girls notice me. "Hey, Yugyeom." "Yugyeom, are you okay?" "Yugyeom-oppa!" "Oppa!" They just won't leave me alone. I just want to be left alone. "Yugyeom!" I hear a familiar voice say from behind me. Oh no! (Y/N). I start walking faster. Hoping she would give up. "Yugyeom-sshi!" She calls again. I start to run up the stairs, the bell ringing behind me. I hear her footsteps. The hallways are empty. "Yugyeom! Stop!" I stop and shake my head. She just won't stop. "What?!? What do you want?" I turn to see her standing at the head of the staircase, five yards from me. "Why have you been avoiding me?" She asks, sadly. "You really want to know." I say, coldly. "Maybe because you broke my heart." She looks confused. "When did I?" "You don't remember? When I asked you out. You refused. That hurt, (Y/N)." "Yugyeom. I said I the time." She sighs. "What?" I'm confused now. "When you asked me out, I said I couldn' the time. I had work after school. My boss called me in and asked if I could work that day. I would've loved to go out with you. I wanted to tell you that, but you ran away before I could tell you." She looked at me, desperately. "I....I didn't know that. I'm so sorry." I started walking toward her. She does the same. "Why would I reject you? I have liked you for a long time." She smiles, blushing furiously. We stopped in front of each other. "I have liked you too......c-can we start over?" I asked. "I would like that." She smiled again. It took my breath away. "Would you like to go out with me sometime?" I ask, cautiously. "I would love to." She nodded. I felt the sides of my mouth twitch as a smile threatened my lips. She leaned up and kissed my cheeks. "See you after class." She mused, walking away. "See ya." I waved, betting I looked like a love struck idiot. I turned and started walking to my class.....not caring in the least that I was late.
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But that's a picture of Mark tho XD
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