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@Tapsamai the Algerian way is to stuff courgettes with ground beef, rice, onions and parsley and to cook theme in a lamb stock till the sauce is reduced, this recipe is easy to do and ingredients are available around the world it's called Dolma Courgettes (dolma in general is stuffed veggies, it's done with cabbage, bel peppers, eggplants and so...... You can find it in the Turkish cuisine)
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@Tapsamai I love both eating and cooking I would try
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aaah if it is in the Turkish cuisine, then I did see it before :). I did cook a dishes like this, but I stuffed the groud beef, and rices , onion in the paprika instead. Tastes pretty good still then :(
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@OnLyTiM3CaNt3Ll heheh that is pretty much the same with me, I love aeting, cooking, but not cleaning ;)
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You're right cleaning is the worst :(
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