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A favorite moment. A favorite moment..... hmmmm....well .. The most best memoriable moment I have with Big Bang. Is.....

MADE World Tour Concert in New Jersey October 10 & 11th of 2015

October 10, 2015

October 11, 2015

Yup I went to both concerts in New Jersey. I had a blast. The music beating my heart and seeing the boys. I wish my phone never died. But on the end of the concert.... I sneaked towards the V.I.P where you can see Big Bang leaving towards their car after the show. To have a chance to touch and shake their hands (Beside T.O.P) It was the best !!!!!

Especially I had a beautiful breathless moment with G-Dragon.

Yes, I know. Many won't believe me cuz there's no picture or whatever. I wish I do because damnnn. .. But not my fault my phone died. But anyways. .....

I Hugged G-Dragon!!!!!!!!!! He even said that he loves my curls....

*Hold on...let me breath... in and and out*

Ok I'm back. Well I don't know how I survived. But damnn he smells soooooooooooo Fuckkkkinnnnnn GOOD!!

believe me or not. it did happened to me. And is something I can't never forget.

I feel complete to be able to see and hug my Favorite Idol and Hero.

Those are my best times. The best of my life.


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The five Masters

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Haha I believe you and this an amazing gift after having an amazing night with them at the concert!
so awesome glad you got a hug from GD😆😆😆
😍😍😍😍 jealous but happy for you!
I'm soooo jelly!!! I was in Vegas when they were there, I got so mad becuase I couldn't go to the concert! 😔 😆