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There is no way NO WAY to choose just one.

No T.O.P not you. You are not one of my favorite moments!
Haru Haru does come to mind as one of my favorites because that was sorta kinda my first introduction to them (after T.O.P in Iris, discovering Hallelujah, then obsessively researching and finding it).
Back then, MVs were these mini dramas and this one was just as ridiculously sad as the dramas that were airing. I love the home video scenes with Ji-Yong and Park Min-Young (yes, girl from City Hunter and Healer).
Another favorite moment is Tonight. I've mentioned many times that this is one of my favorite songs EVER by anyone. Haha, I just sat there watching it again because I love it so much.
I was also introduced to G-Dragon's fashion sense. What's with that hat? But he looks incredibly good in it.
Then there's Daesung. What can I say? No, really, what can I say? But I didn't like that he was making out with Chloe Wang (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.). They looked too... happy.
The rest is just a smattering of favorite moments - they won the MTV Best Worldwide Act award, the Alive promo stuff which I have on a CD case, T.O.P being his usual goofy self, GD and Taeyang dancing to Good Boy in elevator...
This picture was a favorite moment because I immediately jumped online to find out when they were coming to the U.S. It was also the picture they used all over the hotel which had me squealing at every turn.
Don't cry Ji-Yong.. it's alll good.
<Enter Me> and @BBxGD, the partner.
Happy Valentine's Day to -
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Happy Valentine's Day! ♥
💖💖💖💋💋💋😍😍😍 happy valentines day partner
@bbxgd I had a blast w u this week!!
@KDSnKJH me too!!!! I had the best time with you. Win or lose. We had fun
Happy Valentine's Day!!! ■□■ You and @BBxGD have now been entered into the Big Bang Community Giveaway Competition ■□■