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So, there is thing called life (work & friends). To much life! I seriously have been trying to work on this scavenger hunt since Wednesday. GAH!
1/Video of Saddest BigBang song. Why? I feel Loser on a level. I feel like one most of the time. The useless, depressed level is serious. The feeling of being weak and beaten (mostly by myself). This. Is. Real.
2/ Daesung fanart. So easy.
3/ Pic/vid/GIF my BigBang ship. Why? So, I love Daesung, I love TOP and they love each other. Life is good.
4/ Pic/vid of GD with his kitty Mari. Such a cute cat.
5/ Vid BigBang imitating another idol OR another idol imitating BigBang. Winner boys imitating Big Bang and 2NE1.
6/ Pic/Vid of TOP with eye contacts. God. Could he get anymore otherworldly?
7/ Pic/vid/GIF of BigBang wearing a not hat head thing or a FEZ. No fez... sad. Alot of animal like things and glasses. Yep.
8/ Pic/vid/GIF of Taeyang cooking. Yep.
9/ Pic/vid of BigBang's dorm. All dorm stuff is old because they don't dorm anymore.
10/ Doctor Who reference in a BigBang video. First we have GD's angel from BAEBAE. Then we the weeping angels from Doctor Who. TADA!
11/ Vid/GIF of Seungri blabbering about his band memebers. This was hard.
12/ Pic/Vid/GIF of BigBang with MonstaX at MAMA awards. I actually really like Monsta X. ^u^
And done, after many edits. Tagging masterminds: @lovetop @JiyongLeo @catchyacrayon @Helixx @KwonOfAKind And two people: @Krin @AimeeH
@Helixx Here is my Scavenger Hunt card.