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G -Dragon: Ohhh look look. You guys come here look!!! Its out Valentines. Wow,, beautiful just very beautiful ladies. Taeyang: WOW!!! They are all gorgeous. Look how cute they smile. Seungri: I can't believe the beauty of all these ladies. Where have you all been? T.O.P: Can I see? Can I see? Ohh ohh ohh. I Like!! Daesung: Heyy!!!! I like your smile, Do you like mines? Your all beautiful ladies.
G -Dragon: I've been waiting for this day to tell you if you want me for valentine's day. Well do you??? Yes!!!! Wow. A beautiful lady like you, with me. I'm very lucky to have you on this special day.
T.O.P Noona? How I love to say that. It tickles my mouth when I say it. ehhhh... Will you be mine? Yayyy!!!! *jumping up and down, then he kiss your cheek* Ha!! I got you good. Now let's make history today.
Taeyang: Hey, are you doing good today? Its beautiful outside. Wanna go out with me? Maybe take a walk on the park. Don't be shy.. You look so cute. Should I sing you a song about how beautiful you are. Or. Let's go to GD's house. We promise we will be good.
Seungri: Hello beautiful lady! I want you to be mine today!! Can we hang out? I found a very nice place for the two of us. I just want us to have a memorial day. I've been feeling too lonely. Whoops sorry.....
Daesung's: Your beautiful you know. Very attractive. Those eyes and lips. Can I be your today? Yes?! Seriously?! *Smiling big* Ohhhh yaaaaa!!!! I'm so lucky to spend this Valentine day with the most beautiful woman . You heard that everyone!!!!!??? My valentine is gorgeous!!
Lmaooo.. ok ok... I think I might've hit some feels. Let me calm down!!!


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happy valentines day
Happy Valentine's Day
@BBxGD Happy Valentines Day πŸ’™
Can YG just package these boys and deliver them to my house instantly? πŸ’œ
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