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Happy Valentine's Day!!!! Wish you all have a great loving day!!! I love this song, even though is called "let's not fall in love". But is too late now.. we are falling in love.
I intentionally skip the image with girls in it. I love GD with this orange hair and high turtleneck. Look at that bad boy smile with eyes stare right at you.
Of course TOP with this sliver white hair... and that sexy eyes of his... kills all.
Who can resist Taeyang smiley eyes with lip biting.
Daesung don't even need to show his ↝eyes. He can kill us with his lip.
Our Panda Seungri... who wouldn't want to have fun and hug him all day.
Here is the song.... please just ignore the girls... concentrate on BB only.♡♡♡♡
watching these gifs and hearing the beginning of "Every time we touch" by Cascada goes perfectly 😍😍😍
@catchyacrayon OMGD IT DOES!!! "Every time we touch I get this feeling..."