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Important Annoncement
so I kinda off was expecting this but it's understandable.... I was asked to delete the two stories I upload yesterday... just to let you guys know that I would delete them after this another thing do you guys know if I can put this stories on wattpad?? If I can let me know and give you guys my user name :) if not tell me of another place where I can share this with you guys where it won't be a problem... Thanks :)
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@ShinoYuki @twistedPuppy. two Namjoon fic that had Mature content in them
a year ago·Reply
I wanna read it
a year ago·Reply
@reyestiny93 I wanna read it
a year ago·Reply
@reyestiny93 an really but other people have theirs up what your wattpas
a year ago·Reply
@twistedPuppy yea I know and the wattpad is @Grumpy9722
a year ago·Reply