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Do people really know what a narcissist is? Narcissism is a display of grandiose self love not to be confused with a true overwhelming sense of inadaquacy which could be contributed to many things. Dont judge those people. They cannot change the way they feel and you do not even know what has made them feel that way and as far as being labelled narcissistic because you post a selfie and check back to see how many likes you got? That doesn't sound like narcissism to me. It sounds like someone who is bored and lonely and needs the attention. There is nothing wrong with needing attention. It is a normal human need that should be met. People who seek it on social media may not be getting it elsewhere for whatever reason, and again, there could be a lot of reasons. Im about sick and tired of judgmental, under educated, unempathetic people thinking they can diagnose someone based on appearances without actually knowing the person. Just because someone seeks validation and feelings of adaquacy on social media doesnt make them a narcissist. Dont judge people just because they find validation differently than you do. It doesnt mean there is something wrong with them. I know narcissists who dont even have much to do with social media. They get their ego fix in other ways. But do not confuse an insecure, needy person with an egotistical, self-worshiping, abusive narcissist. There is a big f*cking difference and it's about time this world learned that difference and stop calling people narcissists every time they snap a selfie. Just so there is no misunderstanding about what I'm saying.... Yes, many people who appear to be narcissistic on social media really are narcissists. But you dont need to judge people by appearances because you dont know what motivates them. You can judge anyone at a glance, but when you stop thinking you know it all and look a bit closer, it may not be what you thought it was.
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i did a research study in junior college for credit. My hypothesis was if people post selfies on media for attention, depression, or narcissism. and it mildly resulted to depression as to why these kids post selfies online. I did it late 2013.