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To my Virtual Valentine's Day Party
let us party hard. There will be virtual food and lots of love and friendship
every single one of you can raid my cupboards and fridge just remember to close them after you are done.
there will be beverages and dancing. You might ask why I am throwing this party. Well because thank to each and everyone of you I have felt very happy and cared about. Your cards brighten my day.
But you guys let me be me without feeling guilty. without you all Vingle wouldn't be the best place to be. Each of you are supportive and amazing of everyone interests. Marvel, fan fics, Kpop, kdramas, and other dramas, the supernatural, music, poetry, comedy, and most of all being able to express and love.
Thanks to those that check up on me and send me virtual hugs and stretch out their hands virtually. You all make me smile at least once a day. I promise to be there for you as well.
I feel it travel through my screen each day. I hope you all feel and find my friendship a comfort each and everyday.
so for of those that feeling lonely today. Don't Vingle is here to be Valentine as well as me.
Thanks for being my fellow cupids on this lovely day. but I gotta go spread some more love
thank you but I have to work Lol
i love this !!!! happy vday!!!!!
aka stuff your face with pizza day
yay! happy quirky valentine's day
Haha thanks for the invite !!!!!!!
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