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Markson's stares they can talk with their eyes ♡♡

OK this two gifs are actually happening at the same moment. .but this is how I found it..can't find the whole thing .. Mark and Jackson are staring at eachother while the rest are talking..I think they are talking with telepathy

..well as

Mark looks like if he is saying M: come here on this side. closer to me ..

J: I want to too, but they will noticed hold

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@CallMeMsDragon ..yes of course. .agree totally. I do it all the time with my better
2 years ago·Reply
Can JYP make a sub-unit in GOT7 starring Markson???
2 years ago·Reply
@bubblekookie that's what I always say.. HE would make lots of money and ratings don't know what he is thinking seriously. .
2 years ago·Reply
that tongue action Jackson 😖😍
2 years ago·Reply
Aww so cute
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