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Jin Underrated? 5 Reasons To Love Him <3
I understand that we all have our biases but it makes me a little sad when I see very few people recognizing him in the fandom. So I just wanted to make a little post appreciating our Pink Princess to show you how precious he actually is.

1. He's The Mother Of The Group.

I'm glad BTS has a person like him in the group, as they're all very crazy and uncontrollable and they need a mom like Jin to maintain a little bit of peace and to take care of them.

2. He Hates Dancing, Yet Still Works Hard On It.

He has admitted many times that dancing is his weakest point and that he wishes he didn't have to dance, and YET he still does it almost every day, rarely complains (at least not seriously), practices like crazy and even improves with each MV we see!

3. His Voice!!!!!

Another point I wanted to make is how he doesn't get a lot of lines in many of their songs. I don't know why this is, because I think his vocals are very pretty and unique.

4. His Love For Food

My love for Jin is also because we're both passionate about food haha. He also has cooking abilities, which I'm pretty sure is the salvation of BTS as none of the other members know how to cook decently. He also looks like a chipmunk when he chews ^.^

5. Face Of An Angel

It astounds me how handsome he can look in any situation. Its like he doesn't even try!! No wonder SM Entertainment tried to recruit him on the streets!

I hope this card made you feel a little bit more love for Kim Seokjin, because I think he deserves it. ^^

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he is very handsome I love him he was the first one I chose but then I picked jimin but Jon will always be in my heart
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He and Jimin are tied for my bias. Plus have you heard his voice in Trouble (by him and RapMon?) it's what made me cross over onto the MommaJin train.
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@ChaErica Yessss trouble was so good... I was like hold up did I hear the lyrics right? Did Jin just say that!!!!??? You know rapmonster would have had to recruited the eldest to sing that song with him and I'm glad he did 馃槫馃槏
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OMG this card made me so happy! This is basically every reason why Jin should get more love! I hate how he's always under appreciated especially when he does so much for the boys and his fans.
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