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Junhyung.... would it be at the top of my bias list. Reason that he is because when I start listening to Beast I immediately fell for him. The way he raps the way he dance and just the way he acted and how he did things. Yoseob was the first one that I liked at first but when I saw Junhyun hands down I fell for him.
Bang Yongguk.... this man made me fall for him and which is why he's number two is because of his deep voice. When he sings when he talks it just gives me goosebumps. Not only that but his the way he cares for children in need and how he would love to help them out all the time.
Bangtan is number 3. I cannot choose which member I like within this group so they are number three and they are all tied on my bias list. I guess you can say the reason why I have them at number 3 and why I can't choose is because they all have equal qualities that I like. with Jimin the way he acts cute and sexy at the same time makes all of us just you know go crazy for. J hope with contagious smile that just make us all smile along with him and his cute way to you no show his affection for all of us ARMYs. Suga I guess you can just say how he's so straight to the point on what he wants to say telling all of us to keep our ring finger empty or to think about is that 24/7 throughout the whole year. Rap Monster I guess you can say the reason why I like him is how he doesn't let anything affect him with viscous comments about how people don't like him. i also like how he just wants to make music to have us listen and enjoy. Jungkook that little one I swear he tries and tries and tries to break my number one by my bias list however he's part of number 3 so he probably will never reach number one as much as he tries. But what I like about him is that he he's funny and how he makes us fall for him whenever he does something that is cute. Jin I like about him is just his way of how he loves food. I think how cute he is when he eats. Then there is V....he and Jungkook are fighting over which can when my heart. I like how he is weird in a good way. The way he acts and the way he loves kids. I have a feeling he might move up to #2 before Kookie does.
GDragon.....lately after BigBang cameback with Let's Not Fall in love it felt that he could be in one of my many fanfics. I was going through a tough time and some how BigBang at the time, mostly GDRAGON, helped me.
Well there's my list. I know it's short but I'm sure I'll be adding more throughout the week or throughout the year. Tagging Bulletproof Team @BulletproofV @MadAndrea @PrincessUnicorn @CreeTheOtaku @SugaOnTop @VKooike47 @amobigbang
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