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These are just previews of some of the short stories we've uploaded. We're currently at 1.5K reads and it's so awesome! Like I don't know how to feel about this!!!
For all of you who have requested and continued to read/vote/share THANK YOU!!! If you would like to check out our stories, they're on Wattpad under the account: bangtanbxmb or follow the link: http://w.tt/1Sc11jX If you would like to be included in one of our stories, please tell either me or @flxvour We really do enjoying writing these 馃榿
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@HeyImAlly hmmm......that we go on a trip to the aquarium hahaha I don't know why but it seems like he'll be so fun to go to the aquarium with 馃槄馃槼
@Destiny98 Great idea!! I'll let you know when we post it 馃槉
@HeyImAlly thank you very much!! Oh and btw I'm almost finished with my fanfic, well it's the first chapter. I was going to make it a short one but my mind just got all these ideas so now it's going to be long
@Destiny98 that's awesome! I can't wait to read it!!
Plz tag me~