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Hiya Nakama! Happy Valentine's everyone! I hope you have a wonderful day with your significant other or if you are single this day I hope you have a great day with some friends! Thank you everyone who have stuck by to the end of Ships & Feels (:

So which anime character would you spend the holiday with and how would it be spent?

I would spend Valentine's Day with Lavi if I could and I honestly would do anything with him. Personally I love a cute homemade dinner or movie night at home.
I pick asuna cause she is an amazing person and she is me waifu
I treat Valentine's Day like any other day. Who I would spend it with would be anyone who likes coffee. Who wants to go out for coffee?
Tomoko Kuroki for the same reason I'd give her chocolate on White Day. We both have a lot in common, more so than pretty much anyone else I know. She is my waifu and I've fantasized about spending time with her.
Sorry for doing that without telling you first
I feel bad I kind of took you thunder:https://www.vingle.net/posts/1411801?isrc=v
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