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2 years ago·Reply
@simplynick its wind style tho?
2 years ago·Reply
MichaelPeltier the rasengan didn't become any sort of element until after naruto 's training before that it was just Chakra
2 years ago·Reply
@DavidPatrick16 well its considered a change in chakra nature even when it was still an incomplete jitsu. chakra only takes that form after it interacts with air in my opinion, since chakra is only energy.
2 years ago·Reply
@MichaelPeltier the base rasengan isn't any element.. Hence naruto could add wind element to it.... possibly any element can be added to the rassengan.. so it couldn't be wind since wind element doesn't sync with every element the same way it syncs with fire....I'm pretty sure it somewhat proven a lot in the movies..(the fact that rassengan is just purely chakra) since in the ending of most movies it ends with some sort of combined new rassengan or etc.
2 years ago·Reply