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Wow its the time of love already? I gotta remind my boyfriend....

Ji!!! did you know its valentines day?!?!

You didn't remember did you? Aiiishhh this boy...

Okay, it doesn't matter, I have to go tell something to the vinglers anyway...

Some of us may be single due to our bias but that's okay! Our bias is making sure we are single so that we get to have all their love and adorableness!
Especially these 5 boys....
GD as your unofficial girlfriend (lol) I will give you permission to be all these ladies valentines :3
That adorable smile and face just wants to make you eat him up huh? >.<
GD? Where are you going? huh.... I guess he had to do something important....
TOP, your handsomeness and cuteness is a double package
Childish or not, we will love you and take care of you till your 100 :) 😍😍😍
Now Taeyang... you may not do that much aigoo but
Valentines day isn't just about chocolates and sweet kisses...

Bring in the heat Youngbae!

Daesung, I know your a bit softer on valentines day right?
Oh wow you're very happy about it...
oh wait, you don't like it? don't need to be sassy....
wait now your excited again that you took off your shirt... wait ARE YOU BIPOLAR OR SOMETHING ON VALENTINES DAY!?!
don't worry dae....same ;-;
Seungriiiiiii, I know your excited for valentines day! I know you will show these ladies your valentine spirit!
Oh GD you're here! Where were you?
GD, you went to get flowers? So you did remember today is Valentines day! I-I-Im touched, I'm really am! Jiyong you're the sweetest boy in the world. Im happy I get to spend valentines with you and my fellow vingler friends ❤❤❤
Awww come here! *hug*
Valentines day is the day to spend with your loved ones, no matter the relationship whether its with your lover, sibling, family member, or even a friend!
As in the song "Lets not fall in love" I would rather say: ^^^


Happy belated V-Day! Such a wonderful Valentine you've given us all. I love you!
♡♡♡♡lovely card♡♡♡♡... fall in love... we pick the same song for today. Great mind think the same!!!!!!
HAPPY VALENTINES DAY @catchyacrayon 💙
my heart is just filled of GD.. happy valentines day huh 💋
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