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Today is my UB's Birthday!!!! He turns 22!!!! OMG!!!!! WHY DO YOU KEEP GETTING OLDER!!!! MARRY ME!!! OMG I LOVE YOU HOSEOK OPPA!!
I love him so much but not only for his appearence. I also love him for his aegyo, How smart he is, He's my ideal type, I love how he is like the mood maker in BTS, He makes everyone smile! Even if you don't like him, You'll laugh at how much of a idiot he can be. He's not afraid to be himself around people. I hope I get to at least meet him one day,
He is my idol, He is my inspiration, He inspires me to be successful and to become a famous person like him, I want to be like him, That person that makes everyone smile,
Even if I were in his presence, It would be such an honor. Even though he is about 8 years older than me, I'm not scared to admit that I love him, Plus even if I don't get to marry him or date him, Any girl will be lucky to be with him, He seems like the boyfriend that is loyal and faithful to his girl, He will most likely cheer you up when your down, He will give you hugs and He will do anything for you to be happy.
His personality makes my little fragile heart glow, I'll support him no matter what, Also, I'm not sure if some or most ARMY's know this, But before Hoseok even became a trainee, He didn't really like doing aegyo but since then, He started doing aegyo for fans, That shows that he cares and loves his friends and his fellow Hyungs, Noonas and Dongsaengs.
See I love Jung Hoseok! Yes, I also J-Hope, But I feel that it's better to say the idol's real name instead if their stage name because yeah his name does refer to his real name J stands for his last name Jung and Hope was given to him because he has the most hope in the group but I think when you say, "I love J-Hope" Then that technically means that you love them when either there on stage or something like that, But that's my opinion I love to say Jung Hoseok because I love the real him, Like I love him for him, I would even date him pre-debut.
Plus I know that most ARMY's love J-Hope and I don't mind but I hate it when fans only like any idol just for their looks like not trying to bash anyone but...It's annoys me and yeah of course first thing you do when you get into kpop or a kpop group you look for the best looking one to your standards, Luckily, When I got into BTS, J-Hope caught my eye real quick at first it was Jimin but then he popped onto the screen and I was like,
"OMO! Who is that?"
And it was one of my friends that introduce me to BTS and I don't remember when exactly because it was like in late 2013 or 2014 but I know it was before their song,
"Dope" came out and I remember I didn't had that much trouble remembering who is who, He was the first member I remembered, After that it was Rap Mon, To V, Then Jimin, Jin, Jungkook, and Suga was the last haha sorry Yoongi Oppa, I love you too.
Well I just want to say, I love you Hoseok Oppa and I know that you'll most likely not be able to read this or any of my other cards, There is a possibility that I may not be able to meet you one day, But if I ever do, It would be such an honor, You inspired me to dance better and to become a trainee when I'm older, I hope to be a trainee to Big Hit but they're not really accepting of foreigners but even if I don't become a trainee, I want to be known for my talent and if I ever do get that opportunity, I'll thank all the kpop idols for my career but mostly, I'll thank you.
Thank You Jung Hoseok Oppa, Have a wonderful birthday, Be healthy, Have fun with BTS and have a good time promoting, I hope everything will turn out alright in your life.
Don't let the haters get to you, Your amazing, Your handsome, Your funny, Your intelligent, Your perfect to me, I love you Jung Hoseok. cr. to owners, The was made by kyara ib.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOBI! This card is so sweet^^ From his wife~ hahahha
@kpopandkimchi Haha thank you and too bad I cant be with my husband today, Hes in Korea having a great time with Bts and Armys πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚