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So, I've been trying to answer this but when I said the answer, the teacher said, "Nope," and I kept guessing including one of my classmates. Unfortunately, we were all wrong.. So basically, my teacher is offering extra credit to ANYONE who's ever guessed it. Pretty stupid, I guess. °3° What's your grade in Math I, II, Algebra I, II, Geometry I, II? I got a C+ right now for not turning in my semifinals because idk wtf I was supposed to do.. ;-; I guess that's what I get for not paying attention in class.. -.-''
shit I didn't notice the picture manipulation. but if you count that coconut than you must consider that the bunch of bananas on the last row has 3 bananas as opposed to the 4 from the previous picture. so 10 (apple) + 1 (half a coconut) + 3 ( 3/4 of the bananas) would be 14. apple=x ; banana=y ; coconut=z x + x + x = 30 3(x) = 30 x = 30÷3 x = 10 so now we know the value of x or a whole apple in this case next one: x + y + y = 18 (10) + y + y = 18 y + y = 18 - 10 y + y = 8 (2)y = 8 y = 8÷2 y = 4 so now we know the value of y or the bananas as a bunch of 4 bananas together. next one: y - z = 2 (4) - z = 2 -z = 2-4 -z = -2 z = 2 (I'm just writing it this way cause I was taught this way and I didn't mean to make it confusing by putting negatives. it's given that the only number that you can subtract from 4 to get 2 is just 2.) so now we know the coconut halves are worth 2 anyhow the next line is tricky because the picture of the fruits are slightly changed. instead of 2 halves of a coconut is just 1 and there's 3 bananas in the bunch instead of 4. with that in mind... x + z(1/2) + y(3/4) = ? now let's plug in our variables 10 + 2(1/2) + 4(3/4) = ? 10 + 2(.5) + 4 (.75) = ? 10 + 1 + 3 = ? 14 = ? so the answer is 14. thanks to @SymoneBelcher to pointing out the discrepancies on the problem. So OP depending on whether your teacher is a sadistic fuck we can assume the answer is 14 (if the alterations on the pictures matter)
It could be 16..or 14 if they're getting super technical. BUT I truly believe it equal a fucking fruit salad ✌
@tayhar18920 I have no friends on other social media and it's pretty embarrassing asking people that I don't talk to there so why not ask this one because it's comfortable for me. I mean, I don't have much anime loving friends irl ;-; my algebra teacher said I'd get extra credit for answering this one so I needed the extra credit. pretty stupid but allot if people kept telling different answers. ._. sorry if I'm wasting your time reading this ;-;'' As you can see, there are people replying different kinds of answers here. 😂😂🔫
It's 14 guys I've solved this before...this really has nothing to do with anime though...😂
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