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I know I didn't do yesterday but I was busy with school and family so I didn't had time but my fav bias wrecker....This is honestly a tough decision...I have too many of them especially in EXO but see I have bias wreckers in both sub units so I'll do one for each, I know I'm breaking the rules >.<
So my favorite bias wrecker in EXO-K is......... Kim Jun-myeon!!! AKA Suho the Guardian of EXO and my killer. This guy, I swear his beautiful vocals, amazing dance skills, They kill me.
He ruins my bias list over all and I can't help it but have room in my heart for him.
For those who don't know, My bias in EXO-K is Chanyeol
Okay, Now that we have Suho out of the way, My bias wrecker in EXO-M is a tough decision, I'm trying to stay loyal to my bias in EXO-M, Who is Xiumin Oppa.
But my bias wrecker in EXO-M is.....
Wu Yifan!!!!! AKA Kris, The leader of EXO-M!!!
I'm starting to see a pattern >.< Anyways, Even though he is a former member,
(Sorry to bring it up) I still consider him a part of EXO and His voice is literally the most sexiest thing on earth (Besides Hoseok Oppa >.<)
I love EXO and all of the members believe it or not.
We are one, We are EXO